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This blog was created to help introduce the world to Evil Squirrel and the gang, but its secondary purpose is to help support my online store I created on CafePress featuring many different items from T-shirts to mugs to magnets and everything in between, all with designs featuring my ES characters.  I usually add new designs to the store at least once or twice a week.  If you haven’t visited yet, go take a look at my wares!  And if you are kind enough to purchase something, thanks a bunch for helping to support this starving squirrel artist!

The Official Evil Squirrel’s Nest Shop on Cafepress!

In May 2015, I finally got around to uploading some of my better stuff to Redbubble.  So be sure to check them out too!

My Redbubble Shop!


3 Responses to My Online Shops

  1. Love your stuff. But it doesn’t show you any coupon when you click on deal of the week? Just 30 day money back guarantee?

    • I don’t know if Cafepress even offer the coupons from time to time anymore. They did when I first set it up almost 2 years ago. The link used to be to a banner that would either state the current offer, or would show what you saw if there wasn’t one at the time (I had to use the link since WordPress wouldn’t support the code that recreated the banner on my blog). I’ve kinda let the store go to hell and out of date…. I oughta take some time to add some Rainbow kstuff over there…

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