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Beginning in April 2015 and lasting until I ran out of submissions at the end of July the first week of August, I have allowed my readers to help inspire my Friday posts.  Using the contact form in this post, my readers were each allowed and encouraged to send in one idea for a post they would like me to do.  The idea could be as general or as specific as they wish… and I did my best to come up with something witty and clever to each and every one of those prompts, including the ones that were waaaaay out of my wheelhouse.

A big tip of the bushy tail to those who have participated in this project!

Bloggers whose prompts were featured:

The Vampire Maman – Evil Squirrel runs for President! (4/10/15)
The Cutter – Late night Ponies (4/17/15)
Mental Mama – Random questions (4/24/15)
JackieP – My critters as yutes (5/1/15)
Grandma Lin – The fast food review! (5/8/15)
Trisha – The evil squirrels are taking over! (5/15/15)
Faith Hope and Chocolate – Painting Rainbow Donkey (5/22/15)
Ally Bean – Stupid things that bloggers do (5/29/15)
Merbear – Happiness is… (6/5/15)
Fanny – Dynamite at the Nobles (6/12/15)
Filly – Stocking the pad wall (6/19/15)
Jennsmidlifecrisis – Scaredy Squirrel (6/26/15)
Marilyn – Customer disservice (7/3/15)
Draliman – Behind The Nest! (7/10/15)
Stripes and Puzzle Pieces – EDS (7/17/15)
Gentlestitches – St. Elmo’s Fire, and NOT the movie! (7/24/15)
Anxious Mom – My critters do Tolkein (7/31/15)
Not A Punk Rocker – It’s all about DJ Scratchy! (8/7/15)


5 Responses to Prompt The Squirrel

  1. Ally Bean says:

    You’re one smart squirrel to be this organized. I applaud your sense of order. I barely know what I’m doing on my blog tomorrow, let alone months in advance. 🙂

    • Well, I won’t admit to know what I’m doing. I may have an inkling of what a future post is going to be about… but I have no idea what’s going to all end up coming out until I actually sit down and try to write it (without getting distracted by other things, which is almost impossible)….

  2. draliman says:

    Wow, you have a special page and everything!

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