Top 50 Saturday Squirrels


Saturday Squirrel is The Nest’s most enduring weekly feature, and in the Fall of 2022, we celebrated ten years of bringing our favorite little critters into your virtual living room every weekend.  To celebrate this occasion, I put together a countdown of my fifty favorite squirrels I’ve featured over series’ first decade…. honoring not so much just a single great photo, but the squirrels themselves who made the moments I captured happen!  These are the squirrels who entertained me as much as my stories about them entertained you!

The countdown began in late September 2022 and will conclude fifty weeks later in September 2023!  Here are the entries that have been posted so far. Click on the links below to be taken to the countdown post for that squirrel…

#50. The Squirrel Highway (9/27/22)
#49. A Squirrel Walks Into A Bar (10/4/22)
#48. Sooner Squirrel (10/11/22)
#47. That’s A Spiky Meatball! (10/18/22)
#46. What’s Up Doc? (10/25/22)
#45. Turtle Guardian (11/1/22)
#44. Photobomb (11/8/22)
#43. Bouncy Squirrel (11/15/22)