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Leaf Squirrelsson

My first batch of squirrel photos I took in the new year featured this guy, who was helping another squirrel pad the nest in my backyard tree with mouthful after mouthful of leaves.  It was a windy, cold, gray late … Continue reading

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Is It Over?

Yes, it’s over. Happy New Year from this week’s Saturday Squirrel! Have a great weekend everyone!

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The 2020 Sandy Awards!

Welcome one and all to everyone’s favorite awards show on all of WordPress!  It’s time for Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s ninth annual presentation of The Sandy Awards!  The Sandys are a New Years Day tradition at The Nest, honoring the best, … Continue reading

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Saturday Smile

While it may not been a year of smiles for you, for the last Saturday Squirrel of 2020 we’re going out on a very happy note by featuring this chipper chap I ran into at the park a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Pointy Ears

Look at those ears! Is it Mr. Spock? An elf from a magical forest? Maybe kin to SCT’s Shadow the Umbreon? Naw, it’s just a pointy eared squirrel!  And no, those aren’t devil horns.  Look at that sweet, innocent face!  … Continue reading

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