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Nom Noms

This is the third in a series of Saturday Squirrel spots I’m dedicating to a baby squirrel I spotted in my backyard a couple weeks ago.  We already saw the little guy scurry up and down my tree a few … Continue reading

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Toddling Around

If you missed last week’s Saturday Squirrel post, I introduced you to some of the first pictures I got of a baby squirrel I discovered in my backyard last Friday.  It was easily the tiniest squirrel I’ve ever seen for … Continue reading

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A Little Surprise!

I can be oblivious to what’s going on outside when I’m in my computer room immersed in whatever it is I’m doing, so it was only when I wandered into the hall to head for the bathroom yesterday that I … Continue reading

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Coffee Please

Not everyone can be a morning squirrel.  This week’s Saturday Squirrel would rather sleep in this weekend… And speaking of weekends, have a great one everyone!

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Squirrels In The Park – Trip 20

Before I begin with the next gallery in my Squirrels in the Park series, I have a public service announcement for everyone who wants their classic editor back.  It still exists!  You can either go to the option in your … Continue reading

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