Happy Labor Day!

This is the first time I’ve actually reblogged one of my own posts… but I wrote this before anyone was following me and thought it deserved an audience since it’s a view you rarely see… some thoughts on Labor Day from someone who frequently works holidays, and thinks that’s perfectly OK. While I linked to it in my MMM post today, most people (me included) often skip over links in blog posts. While the last paragraph doesn’t hold true this year (that’s OK, I have a four day weekend next week!), the message is still true to me today…

Evil Squirrel's Nest

stocker squirrel

On the first Monday every September, we celebrate the most ironic holiday on the American calendar.  It is a day every year where we honor those who work for a living by…. taking the day off.  Uhhhh… errr…..

Riddle me this…

Of course, that’s just the privileged few who observe the holiday this way.  Many of those lucky ones work in a sector of society that gives the middle finger to the convenience of the 24/7/365 world we actually live in.  The bank isn’t going to cash your check today.  If you call your doctor’s office, you’ll get a friendly recording.  And God forbid you visit any institution associated with the government today.  They have a list of several hundred federal holidays they observe, and they’re absolutely not going to be available for you!

Yeah, don’t visit any of these same places at night either….

You’ll go mad trying to…

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