Squeezing The Karmin

I knew I could get you to like me, you tone deaf squirrel!

I knew I could get you to like me, you tone deaf squirrel!

It’s time for another melodious edition of Mecca Muzak Monday, where the songs that meccamuzakmondayshave echoed through the aisles of Meccas across the country over the past year and a half get one day in the bright spotlight of The Nest.

If there is one thing I am completely and totally shameless about, it is my favorite songs.  I don’t care how lame or embarrassing most people might think certain songs are… if I love it, I’ll be the first to say so and absolutely own up to it.  What can I say… I like what I like, and your waste of perfectly good vinyl might very well be my dopamine inducing earworm.

Yes, it's an earworm!

Yes, it’s an earworm!

This week’s featured song rocked out the fourth hour of last year’s Summer CD, and it might very well be my all time favorite song I was introduced to via Mecca muzak.  What’s really funny is the look of utter shock on my face when I found out who did this song I adored so much.  It was an artist who I had totally given up on the very first time someone posted a YouTube of one of their songs because the girl’s voice was so goddamn annoying I couldn’t even listen to more than 30 seconds of it.

For today’s MMM, here is the duo Karmin with their 2012 Top 20 hit “Brokenhearted”…

Karmin vocalist Amy Heidemann uses the same fast paced, bratty rapping style in “Brokenhearted” that sounds like fingernails on the chalkboard in the cover of “Look At Me Now” I linked to above, but it totally works in this song for some reason, probably thanks to the killer backing music.  This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon for me when it comes to my bizarre musical tastes…

The queen of annoying female singers to me has to be Natalie Merchant, who unleashed a whole string of shitty solo music I can’t stand to listen to in the mid 90’s.  Yet that same hauntingly awful voice that wretched about being mesmerized by carnivals and being Satan’s God’s own creation sounds delightfully wonderful in the 10,000 Maniacs song “Like the Weather“…

Normally, I'd rather listen to one of those cocks singing.

Normally, I’d rather listen to one of those cocks singing.

Then there is Jennifer Nettles…. oh dear fucking Lord, does someone have some Quikrete handy?  Her high, whiny drawl makes pretty much everything the country duet Sugarland ever did completely unlistenable….. except for “Stuck Like Glue” (Also on the 2013 Mecca Summer CD), where once again, the same voice that normally makes my ears bleed works to perfection.

A possum's gotta do what a possum's gotta do...

A possum’s gotta do what a possum’s gotta do…

So The Nest would like to raise a glass of Patrón to Karmin for winning me over with one super fantastic song that for just under four minutes made those hot summer nights slaving away at Mecca just a little more bearable.  And that’s it for this week’s Mecca Muzak Monday.

Come on!  That’s right!



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6 Responses to Squeezing The Karmin

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Ugh, what about the lead singer from The Cranberries? Though I guess Natalie Merchant is hard to beat in that category.

    • I’ll give you that one, though I guess I never thought much of her since I’m only familiar with two Cranberries songs. But the vocal train wreck definitely works in “Zombie”… I love that song!

  2. crimsonowl63 says:

    I’ve never heard this song before, but it’s a catchy little pop number. I don’t know who Jennifer Nettles is either, but it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much,

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    The neighbor’s dog went crazy over ‘Brokenhearted’ when I listened. That other song by Karmin was so bad that I didn’t make it 10 seconds in…*retch*

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