Saturday In The Park

Blondes have more nuts!

Blondes have more nuts!

Well, actually it was Friday…. Friday the 13th, in fact.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning two weeks ago, and I decided to actually get out of the house for a change and wander around our local park for an hour or so with my camera.  I got a lot of great sqturday squirrel logosquirrel pictures since the park hosts even more squirrels than my neighborhood does… hard as that is to believe.  I’ll be digging into this set of photos in numerous future Saturday Squirrel features, but to start with, I’d like to share a few shots of this cutie with the blonde tail and the huge nut in his mouth!

Remember Foxy?  I haven’t seen that fiery tail around in months, though I don’t think it means the squirrel has gone MIA.  I’m thinking what someone once commented here is correct, that bright tail color like this is merely a temporary feature of adolescent squirrels, which they lose as they fully mature into adults.  There were several little critters scampering around the park with varying stages of lightly colored tails… and of them all, I love the photo above best because of how the sun shines off his light orange fur, almost making it seem to glow!

Like my backyard rascals, the squirrels at the park also like to ham it up for the camera…

This is my best side, dahlink.

This is my best side, dahlink.

That’s great, Blondie!  But could you turn around to face the camera, please?

Is this shoot about over?  I'm getting pretty hungry for this nut...

Is this shoot about over? I’m getting pretty hungry for this nut…

That’s beautiful, the perfect shot for my Saturday Squirrel.  Go ahead and enjoy your breakfast now, Blondie.

Have a great weekend everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to Saturday In The Park

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Too bad it wasn’t the 4th of July, though that is a Friday this time.

    I will refrain from dirty comments about the pose and just say very cute squirrel! 🙂

  2. Mental Mama says:

    I feel like I’ve asked this before, but do you have black squirrels in your neck of the woods?

  3. the squirrel what shows her best side reminds me a little of Winston Churchill with his cigar :o)

  4. merbear74 says:

    You sure it wasn’t the 4th of July? 😉

  5. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your nuts 🙂

  6. Or singing Italian songs…

    Cute squirrels! Exceptionally cute today! Thanks.

  7. crimsonowl63 says:

    I thought I was alone in my usage of the word “dahlink”. I stand corrected

  8. Such a pretty tail and great shots!

  9. Haha this made my day, thanks!

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