It’s Red Squirrel Week!

cute red squirrel

Who knew?

Well OK, it’s nothing official or government declared or worthy of time off of work.  The photo sharing site Flickr apparently has a blog and has declared it so.  What a perfect tie in to Squirrel Awareness Month to highlight the plight of the magnificent red squirrel, particularly in Europe where it is revered and unfortunately in danger of extinction.

SERIOUS SOUNDING ANNOUNCER VOICE: Could this be the end for MBRS? Tune in next week!

The people on my forum have brought up countless stories about the anti-grey squirrel sentiment that apparently is common in Britain due to the threat they pose to the native red squirrels, and I am surprised I haven’t dedicated a blog post to it yet.  And that day won’t be today… though I am obviously a fan of squirrels of all colors and creeds, and believe we should work together to see to it that squirrels of all races can one day live in harmony.

squirrels in hawaii

Right on, brother!

But in celebration of Red Squirrel Week, I hereby submit some of MBRS’s finest work.  Let’s all hope that raised awareness can help save the cute and sexy red squirrel…..

red squirrel devil

I’m going to pitchfork your nuts!

red squirrel pips

Leaving…. on that midnight train to Georgia!

idol paula simon squirrel

“You were absolutely terrific, Mr. Hung!”

east german athlete

Me win gold!

Could you lend me a hand?

ditch the red

OK, maybe this one’s not appropriate for Red Squirrel Week…..

Enjoy your Red Squirrel Week!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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5 Responses to It’s Red Squirrel Week!

  1. greenberetta says:

    them leaves are gonna fall

  2. Yes! Thank you for help raising awareness!

  3. Betsy Norman says:

    We have several black squirrels in our neighborhood – they look like fluffy cats and are very perky. At my last house, an albino squirrel lived in our back yard. HE was COOL!

    • Squirrels come in so many different colors! Someone I work with took a picture of a black squirrel on his trip to Canada and was puzzled at why I asked him to send me a copy of that picture. I even painted it during my short-lived attempt to learn that craft. I wish we had more than the greys around here as they’re all I’ve ever seen before. Maybe some day….

  4. Hi there from Canada, Nice to hear you like squirrels, and even black squirrels. I live in Toronto, in a world of black squirrels!!! Earlier this year however, my wife, Jean, and I were in Ireland where we came upon the rarely seen Red Squirrel. To us, they actually look somewhat like our Canadian Red squirrels, but boy, do they have long ears! We were shocked to learn that U.K. and Irish Red squirrels are contracting the pox virus from Grey squirrels, and dying. We have far too many Grey squirrels here at our feeders, but further north, near Algonquin Park, Red squirrels are much more common. We feel very lucky to have seen two Red squirrels in Ireland, and have posted some of our pictures and videos for anyone interested at:

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