Behind The Iron Curtain

Did you hear the joke about the Polish squirrel?

Did you hear the joke about the Polish squirrel?

One of my Canadian friends over on the message board who goes by Saucy is always letting me know about any squirrely tidbits she comes across in her internet travels.  She was the sqturday squirrel logoone who clued me in on the story of Toilet Squirrel last week, and a few days ago she gave me a link featuring an excellent gallery of squirrel pictures from all over the world that appeared on the Calgary Herald’s website.  If you love squirrel pictures, check out that link… there are many amazing sciurine photos over there, including the red squirrel from Poland I led off this post with!

For this week’s Saturday Squirrel feature, however, I want to focus on the pictures in that gallery that stood out the most to me… and that’s the photos of the Eastern European and Asian squirrels.  I grew up in the dying days of the Cold War, and I have no idea what those communist countries were doing to their squirrels that made them so magnificently beautiful, but it’s the one victory the Red Army can claim over the free world…

We have lines for bread, poverty, and Siberia, but we have prettier squirrels than you have, silly American!

We have lines for bread, poverty, and Siberia, but we have prettier squirrels than you have, silly American!

Get a load of this squirrel from the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, and tell me we could ever be in the moral right to drop a bomb on a country with such a beautiful looking animal….

From Russian with love...

From Russia with love…

Not only are these squirrels of the eastern world much more colorful than their western cousins… let’s face it, their most appealing feature is the ear tufts, which are much more pronounced and flamboyant than even those of the red squirrel.  These squirrels absolutely rock this look, and it goes well with their thicker coat of fur, which they need to survive the harsh, mountainous winters in the former USSR.

First day of Summer, you say?  What on earth is that?

First day of Summer, you say? What on earth is that?

Even Red China is overrun by the cutest squirrels you’ll ever see.  Check out this ebony fellow….

Gotta get this nut to the sweatshop!

Gotta get this nut to the sweatshop!

We may have won the war against the spread of communism, but we will have to admit defeat in the Miss Universe squirrel pageant.  We gave Russia things like freedom and McDonalds, and what did they ever give us besides Yakov Smirnoff?  How about exporting a few of these beauties over to the States, so that the people of the First World can bask in the glory of their furry awesomeness?  I think even Arizona would welcome these illegal immigrants….

Sorry, I don’t do gardening. I destroy them.

Have a great weekend, comrade!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Behind The Iron Curtain

  1. merbear74 says:

    Wow, and I thought my squirrels were awesome…I want a Russian squirrel in my tree, I will call him Comrade.

  2. Great to see a Red. Those naughty Greys have nearly wiped out our Reds here in England.

    • Europeans introduced syphilis to the Americas, and Americans introduced squirrelpox to continent. I wish there were a way to save the red without also taking it out on the grey….

      • There are several areas in the UK where the reds are closely and if Greys are seen they are caught and taken elsewhere. Not an easy one to solve.

        We usually have a grey or two after the peanuts in our garden but none this year. We did have a long, hard winter with a very late spring, maybe that’s why. Also, not seen many foxes this year.

  3. What amazingly beautiful squirrels. The Russian one in particular is quite stunning. Keep him away from Cruella de Ville!

  4. fransiweinstein says:

    The ear tufts are amazing! My favourite is the red polish one. He looks like a punk rocker. Or maybe Keith Richards. Very cool.

  5. C.K. Hope says:

    I’m in love with the first squirrel. Can s/he be fed ex’d to me?

  6. pishnguyen says:

    Gorgeously amazing squirrels! Isn’t it neat to see how different the same species can be when you travel from place to place? It reminds me of when my hubby and I went to France for our honeymoon. Where I was from at the time (Texas), all the bunnies were brown. Makes sense. The dirt is brown … the grass is grown … the trees are brown … yadda, yadda, yadda. But, in France, there were bunnies of all colors. And they were everywhere! I looked like the biggest idiot in the universe looking out the plane window and squealing: “Bunnies!!! Oh, look! A gray one, and a white one, and a black and white one!” Ah … memories. 😀

  7. Amber says:

    The squirrels are amazing, but the author’s views are not the brightest. People who read a lot, study politics and travel as well, they dont get their brain washed so completely. What they teach children from the day one is comfortable for the government to compensate agressive politics of the states (note, they always in war first, especially where petrol is))) politicians make money on grief, death and war (google it). Its comfortable to teach to hate russians. In fact they if not them, we’d all be now under german’s power; As well russia never started the war first. Always someone wants to intervent and tear off a piece. Google list of wars in wiki.
    I love russian squirrels, I love russian people since I really got to know them, and believe me, to give them MCd is not the best gift – to get sick and fat after junk food 😉
    Russia gave to the world plenty of things by the way – from Google to monorail, from planes to radio, bodybuilding, paraschute, lamp, bicycle, the list is too long, sorry )) And the first pc was made by Gorokhov in 1968 and was patented in ussr.

    ps Comrad – is a French word, not rus. The spelling is Camarade = means buddy.

  8. Amber says:

    Yeah I got that, but still was a lil bit incorrect… Sorry, my comment was probably a bit pushy, I was just googling the most beautiful squirrels 😀 and I then I saw the political statements, its just driving me crazy that they are not teaching the real history as it was. Anyway people in both countries are super nice, lets have piece and squirrels 🙂

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