I see all you wonderful boys and squirrels out there!

I see all you wonderful boys and squirrels out there!

sqturday squirrel logoIf you have ever encountered a squirrel near a tree, and made an attempt to be social with it (and really, how could you resist?), you have no doubt played the endless game of hide and seek, as the squirrel manages to keep himself 180 degrees on the other side of the tree from you no matter how quickly you circle around the trunk to find him.  Of course, occasionally, they have to take a peek at their pursuer as this cute little guy above did.  I couldn’t have possibly got a better shot of him stealing a glimpse of me… and for being so accomodatingly adorable, he gets the honor of being this week’s Saturday Squirrel!

Have a great weekend everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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5 Responses to Peekaboo!

  1. He is the sweetest and smartest looking squirrel yet!

  2. Life is exciting when you can spend time playing hide and seek with a squirrel! We took a ride to Princeton, NJ, and discovered black squirrels running around. I don’t know whether they’d be game for hide and seek, but they’re attractive animals. Have you ever seen a black squirrel?

    • I have never seen one in person before, but a co-worker took a picture of one on a trip to Canada a few years ago, and when I saw it in the stack of photos he brought in, I asked that he send it to me, because I was in my painting phase at the time and wanted to give that picture a try. Here was the result:

  3. PigLove says:

    I just love him! He reminds me of the family we have in the mysterious back yard here at the Hotel Thompson. They are wonderful little things! XOXO – Bacon

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