Hot Country Nights

Hey all you sexy squirrels out there!

Hey all you sexy squirrels out there!

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time for everyone’s favorite “Jesus, does he really like listening to that shit?” feature Mecca Muzak Monday!  Get out your boots and wax down your pickup truck, because this week MMM is going country!

As you might expect for a company headquartered right in backwoods Arkansas, Mecca dedicates a handful of its CD space to everyone’s favorite music genre in the world, country and western.  I’ll be the first to admit that I fucking hate almost all country music… from the old twangy stuff your grandparents would play on the Victrola to whatever it is that passes for Nashville these days.

Oh, those crazy guitar pickers from Nashville!

Oh, those crazy guitar pickers from Nashville!

But my time at Mecca has taught me that I just haven’t given country a real chance.  I can reel off about 10-15 country songs I’ve heard only via my job at Mecca that I would proudly admit to liking.  And by far, the best one of them all was first featured on Mecca’s winter soundtrack this year that mercifully replaced the endless Christmas music on December 26th… and was carried over to the current Summer CD.

Ladies and gentlemen…. Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night”:

If all country music sounded as kickass as this song, I’d probably listen to the genre a bit more…

I had not watched the music video before up until right now.  This sure isn’t your grandparents’ country music!

That's not Loretta Lynn...

That’s not Loretta Lynn…

And you gotta love any song that can work Conway Twitty and T-Pain into the same lyric line.  Country would probably sound better with Autotune…

Helllllllo-o-o-o Da-a-arrrlin'

Helllllllo-o-o-o Da-a-arrrlin’

“That’s My Kind of Night” comes from Luke Bryan’s most recent album “Crash My Party”… and the album’s title track is also a Mecca CD alumnus, but it’s nowhere near as great as his tribute to diamond plate tailgates and catfish dinners…

Sounds like a winner winner!

Sounds like a winner winner!

Yeehaw!  See y’all back for another great Mecca Muzak song next Monday!


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27 Responses to Hot Country Nights

  1. merbear74 says:

    Hey I love Conway Twitty!!
    My one and only prayer, is that someday you’ll care….
    My mom had the 45 of that song.

  2. PigLove says:

    Snorts – too funny my friend. Mom was tortured as a small child. She was made to go and walk the halls and tour Conway Twitty’s place and Loretta Lynn’s dude ranch. I think she heard more music from those two that was possible on earth. We’re talking 8 tracks here dude. I think that’s why mom is so whacked out today. XOXO – Bacon

  3. my dad is a fan of this music… but he has good sides too :o)

  4. crimsonowl63 says:

    I have to say this is a pretty country-ish song to me, but I have to admit I am not a country fan. I did like country music in the year 1994. Just that one year, though. I liked Garth a lot, Then I went back to good ol’ rock and/or roll music.

  5. I like “some” country music…but I do not like the old stuff like Loretta, Conway and Patsy Cline. BUT I appreciate their talent and success. To each his own…you know? Some of the first concerts I went to as a kid was Merle Haggard, Ronnie Milsap, BJ Thomas, Tom T Hall and Charlie Pride. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything 🙂

  6. Blue62 says:

    Having fallen into country music the last few months (I rarely flip radio presets in the car anymore) definitely a good song. Far cry from the “hurtin’ sawngs” a lot of people still seem to think country music is.

  7. 1jaded1 says:

    Ha! My dad used to listen to country on the 8 track as well. It was the old stuff. Luke Bryan is not half bad, but I wouldn’t want a steady musical diet.

    • I agree with you there… actually, I probably wouldn’t want a steady diet of anything. I’m already ready for a new muzak CD at work, but we probably won’t get the next edition until afer Labor Day…

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