101 Ways To Kill A Squirrel

squirrel in the crosshairs

OMG!  How could I possibly have such a post title in a blog dedicated to celebrating the much maligned squirrel?  Well, I was brainstorming possible topics for my next blog post, and it occurred to me that over the course of 4+ years worth of artwork, I have drawn ES meeting his demise more than a handful of times.  In fact, he’s either an immortal toon in the sense of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit mythology, or squirrels have more lives than even cats do.

So, how many ways has Evil Squirrel met his maker in my drawings?

He has been blown to smithereens twice, both times by Sprots:


Yes, she would in fact push the plunger….

I hope sharks like mange.


He has electrocuted himself twice:

This has actually happened in my backyard twice now….

Thanks ES! Now every third light is going to be burned out!


He has met death by burning twice:

squirrel on fire

It was a pleasure to burn…

I don’t know what will smell worse, burnt skunk or burnt mange…


Sprots has shot him off to the moon, presumably to meet death by the vacuum of outer space:

Say hi to Louis Armstrong for me….


She has steamrolled him flat:

flat squirrel

Meet Sprots’ new welcome mat.


She has dropped him off of a cliff:

Going down!


She has hacked him up with a chainsaw!

The Colorado Squirrel Massacre.


Hooly has made a stew out of him:

boiling squirrel

Serves four!


And she has taken the most direct route to killing the poor critter:

ripped heart from chest

You don’t look like you need this…


And I’m sure ES will die many, many more deaths for the sake of his art over the coming years.  He’ll always come back for more, however, and MBRS never will be able to cash in on that life insurance policy….

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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