Ride ‘Em Cowsquirrel!

squirrel riding unicorn

Think of all the things in life that just naturally seem to go together.  Peanut butter and jelly, rhythm and blues, Sonny and Cher, squirrels and unicorns….

Wait…. squirrels and unicorns?  What!?!?!?

It is a more popular pairing than squirrels and walruses.

In my travels through the blogosphere this month, I happened across the blog Normal for Norfolk and in particular, this post which extolled the virtues of squirrels riding unicorns!  Imagine if you will how awesome I thought it was that someone else realized just how cool it is to mix together the cute and fuzzy squirrel with the majestic and magical unicorn.  Given this awesome disorder quirk that we have in common, it was natural that we now follow each other’s blogs, and I promised her I would do a post on the history of squirrels and unicorns in my wacked out cartoon universe…. so here we go!

Everyone loves me!!!

There’s Rainbow Donkey, the resident unicorn of the ES universe, who I introduced to this blog in this post back in January.  Since he’s only been a semi-regular character of mine for a year and a half now, I haven’t drawn him a whole lot…. especially given how drawing him or any of his equine cousins gives me fits.  But I surely have some pictures of my squirrels mounted atop him, don’t I?

over the monument


My finest example, at least before I drew the image I led off this post with this morning, is this avatar from last August featuring the ever cheerful and cute Angel Squirrel riding Rainbow Donkey as he leaps the Washington Monument (If you really want the bizarre background on how this picture came about, it’s in the RD intro post I linked to).

Of course, when I say finest example, it’s not like there’s much competition, because as it turns out, I only have one other past drawing of one of my squirrels riding the great rainbow beast, and that was the avatar which gave birth to the legend of Rainbow Donkey:

rainbow donkey rides again

Better hold on, that unicorn looks like it might collapse at any time…

There are so many things screwed up in this image besides the lame drawing of Rainbow Donkey, that I wonder if maybe I was high when I drew it.  But safe to say that he never would have come to life as a character had I drawn him better.  Here we see Evil Squirrel riding along with his alleged galpal Hooly the Skunk, without whom RD would have never come into existence.

A monument to the joy of unicorn riding.

And it is because Hooly is the one so strongly connected with Rainbow Donkey that more often than not, if there is a unicorn rider in my artwork, it is her.

rainbow hooly!

Cute, but embarrassing

So we have squirrels and skunks on my unicorn… any other species?

Why yes…. CATS!!!

Donut delivery by unicorn… only in the world of ES.

Here is Erin the kitten who you’ve met in a couple of my past comics.  Her real-life influence is a big fan of anything cute and girly, so it’s no surprise she would have a unicorn riding picture in my archive…. as well as in my shop!

War would be cooler if they rode unicorns into battle.

And even Hooly’s nemesis Odyssey has been drawn atop her steed, as part of my Aries design I also did for my shop.

And I am pretty sure that concludes the look back at the history of unicorn riding in my drawings.  I’ll have to try to come up with some more in the future, but I hope this satisfied the many millions of squirrel and unicorn equestrian fans out there.  I must saddle off and ride into the sunset now on my pretty rainbow donkey…. but I’ll be back with another post sometime soon…..

MBRS is not happy she wasn’t drawn firing from atop her trusty horned steed…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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