Feelin’ Alright

Even Mecca superstars get thirsty for some soda pop....

Even Mecca superstars get thirsty for some soda pop….

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time for this week’s feel good edition of Mecca Muzak Monday, where my homepony Scratchy will spin another groovy platter from the Mecca CD for your enjoyment.  Don’t forget to tip your deejay.

One thing I find fascinating about the song selection for the muzak CD’s that play in fine Meccas across the country is that they are rife with not just obscure artists, but a lot of musical acts that are classified as “indie.”  It’s incredibly ironic that an entity like Mecca that practically embodies corporate America seems to be giving a lot of independent artists exposure to the masses over its speakers.

The original Indy artist.

The original Indy artist.

Today’s featured act is Matt and Kim, an indie duo featuring….. well, Matt and Kim.  Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have been around for about a decade now.  They first gained attention for themselves with the video they shot for their 2009 song “Lessons Learned,” which went viral on YouTube, and featured the dynamic duo stripping naked as they pranced through Times Square on a cold February day.

If my nips were frozen and blue, I'd want them blurred out too...

If my nips were frozen and blue, I’d want them blurred out too…

Matt and Kim first came to my attention with a horrific song from their 2012 album “Lightning” that was featured early on the 2013 Summer CD, “Let’s Go.”  Tell me Matt doesn’t sound like Weird Al singing this song… that’s who I honestly thought it was when I first heard it.

The duo made up for it with a killer hit I just adore from the same album that was a part of the Fall CD last year, “It’s Alright.”  Once again, I’m going to post the video here since it’s available on YouTube… and it’s a bit…. um…. well, just watch for yourself!

I guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from a couple musicians who weren’t afraid to run around New York City in their birthday suits.  The choreography is quite impressive and the idea is very original, though the result somewhat creepy….

Endorsed by Mecca.

Sorry, the eye bleach is out of stock.

Both “Let’s Go” and “It’s Alright” have returned for the current Mecca Muzak CD, which should be playing in stores through at least the end of August.  If you happen to stop by Mecca sometime this summer, listen for Matt and Kim.  Just two of the many indie artists who are making your shopping experience more enjoyable…

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18 Responses to Feelin’ Alright

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    So I almost used this same title for my post because the song came on while I was stuck in traffic. I went with Sublime instead. Thank goodness.

    Yeah, useless comment. Rock (?) on!

    • Ha! It just occurred to me who the original artist was on “Feelin’ Alright”, so I see how it would have perfectly fit in to being stuck in traffic! I was gonna say, that’s my favorite Joe Cocker song!

      Useless comments are the best. 99% of my comments are useless, and the other 1% are probably posted by one of my cats…

  2. Hey, that toddler looks like me when I’m shopping! I hate pushing carts cause it causes this stupid fitbit to go into sleep mode and out of sleep mode so it doesn’t count my steps right and makes it look like I have narcolepsy in Mecca. Which maybe I do . . .

    I cannot wait to watch these videos once I get off work. Prancing thru the snow, in my birthday suit, getting my nipples froze, la la la la la.

    • The kid with the cart is one of my favorite pics to use over and over again… I originally found it for my Black Friday post last year. Mecca puts me to sleep too, but that may just be the work…

      You should frolic about in just your insoles, that will do your feet and the rest of you a whole lot of good!

  3. I agree when you run nekked through Time Square in february you will learn a lesson… probably the hard way :o)

  4. Posts like this make me realize I really AM old. Sigh. I’ll just go back to my scratchy old records now.

  5. merbear74 says:

    Excuse me sir, but do you happen to have an ice cold soda? 🙂

  6. Scout Paget says:

    Yeah, I didn’t see the final shot on ‘Let’s Go’ coming. It was brilliant – just a bit of angst to make you think.

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