A Dangerous Earworm

You don't have to look like a musician to make a killer song.

You don’t have to look like a musician to make a killer song.

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time for another headbanging edition of Mecca Muzak Monday, where I feature some of the awesome songs I get to listen to while I’m at work five nights a week.  Don’t get jealous of my good fortune, everyone….

I mentioned last week that we had just gotten a new CD to spin over the PA, and how excited I was at the prospect of finding a few more favorite songs I had not heard before.  Of course, I didn’t expect to already be featuring one of these new tunes, since as I mentioned in a post before, it generally takes me many multiple listens before a song really grows on me and I realize how much I actually like it.

You know what else grows on you?  Mold.

You know what else grows on you? Mold.

It is rare that I come across a song that I fall in love with after the very first time I hear it.  The last such song I can recall becoming an instant fave was that kinda popular song Robin Thicke had last year…. you know the one and probably hate it yourself.  But even then, it took hearing that song in its entirety before I concluded it was ES gold.

The song I am about to play for you, which can be heard immediately following Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” on the current Mecca CD, became a favorite of mine from literally the very first notes I heard over the speaker!  Remember what I mentioned in last week’s MMM about how great bass lines and nifty percussion work are two things that can make good songs great, and great songs epic in my mind?  This one has both… and I don’t think any song can possibly top the killer electronic bass riff that repeats throughout this song…

Enough blabbering… here’s the song I’m raving about!  “Dangerous”, by Big Data featuring Joywave!

Since I first heard it on the new CD’s debut night last Saturday, I’ve had that electronica hook in my head almost constantly.  It is so fucking catchy and fun to listen to that I almost don’t even care!  Thank you Big Data, Joywave, and of course, the master mixmakers at Mecca for bringing this song into my life!




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7 Responses to A Dangerous Earworm

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Fortunately, I am in a place where I can’t listen to this song. No really, shared workspace today. Which song did this one rip off? You know, like how “Blurred Lines” ripped off “Got to Give it Up (Part 1)”? That may help me decide if I like it or not. 😉

    (Yes, I hold musical grudges…who knew?)

    • I can really be so musically retarded sometimes. I never connected those two songs before… yet when I went to listen to the classic Marvin just now, I heard the sampling right away. Duh!

      Oh well, still doesn’t ruin Blurred Lines for me! That’s Marvin’s payback for that godawful Sexual Healing song he had to unleash on us in the 80’s! 😉

  2. I like that a lot. I’m a big fan of soundtracks, I own ones for movies I have never seen. I might have to check this one out, so thank you 🙂

    • Heck, I wasn’t even aware they made songs for movies anymore! I remember how about a third of the hits from the 80’s were from a movie soundtrack. Glad you liked it! It’s definitely a cool song…

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    This is one they play constantly on the radio. Nuelectronic is very in these days.

    • I wish they played it on my radio station, but I won’t hold my breath for that. I’d love to see a lot more songs like this hit it big… maybe electronic-pop can be to the 2010’s what synth-pop was to the 80’s!

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