I Am Not A Crook

Oh, look at all the pretty people out there!

Oh, look at all the pretty people out there!

Last week, Trisha commented on the Saturday Squirrel picture noting that the featured subject was sitting in the “crook of the tree.”  After first considering how long it had even been since I’d last sqturday squirrel logoheard that term, I next realized that I get a lot of photos of squirrels in the crooks of trees at the park.  Well, there are a lot of squirrels and a lot of trees there, so that makes sense.  But I seem to get more than my fair share of crooked critters, probably because the squirrels start scampering up the nearest tree as I come walking by, pausing to check out the status of their human pursuer from the first crook they reach.  And that’s where I can get a quickie pic of the cutie as they look down upon me.

I also remembered I had an even more adorable picture of a squirrel in a crook from my latest park set, and here it is for this week’s Saturday Squirrel.  Isn’t that guy just so damn awww-worthy?

Oh, I can just picture all the fame, fortune and squirrel girls I'll be getting thanks to this photo op!

Oh, I can just picture all the fame, fortune and squirrel girls I’ll be getting thanks to this photo op!

For looking so beautiful sitting on the crook of a tree, you’ve definitely earned all of the benefits of being a celebrity.  Even if it is only on my blog…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #179 — 10/1/15


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The Great Cornholio

Are you threatening me!?!?

Are you threatening me!?!?

YAY, it’s Photo Prompt Frisbee Wednesday again… sponsored as always by Marilyn over at Serendipity.  I’ll keep it brief this week since I spent the better part of two hours getting my stones checked this morning…

Wait, that didn’t come out right.  I had my semi-annual kidney stone checkup this morning and the good news is that my internal plumbing is all still clean as a whistle.  I coulda used that as my inspiration for this week’s photo prompt by showing off my 5 millimeter diameter stone I passed three years ago, which I have as a keepsake… but I’ll spare you the trouble of unfollowing me if I did that.

So instead, let’s talk about fun and games!

Gotta get my bag in one of the holes!

Gotta get my bag in one of the holes!

Since I managed to get lost trying to find Lake Erie on the very first out of town trip I ever took by myself, I wound up circling the wagons and retreating to downtown Cleveland prior to the Tigers/Indians game I planned on attending on September 23, 2009.  I parked my criminally unappealing Neon and burned off a couple hours walking through the streets of the area around Jacobs Progressive Field.  Of the many interesting pictures I took while wandering about this strange city, the one that always sticks in my mind is the photo I featured above.  Not because I really thought anything of it at the time…. no, it was when someone told me just what that guy’s doing that I can’t look at this picture without giggling like a preverted junior high schooler…

The dude is cornholing!!!!

squirrel shocked

In broad daylight!?!?!? Arrest that man!!!

No, it’s not as dirty as it sounds.  In fact, cornhole is apparently a pretty popular backyard recreational sport that my lack of engaging in social activities has probably helped to keep me in the dark of.  From the rules of the game I have found, it sounds like a poor man’s game of horseshoes… with the added detriment that you can’t seriously injure your opponent by throwing a bag full of corn.  Just toss your makeshift ball through the hole to score points… it’s like the Grand Prize Game, only without the scary clown possum.

I'll bet I can take a whiz all the way into bucket number six from here.

I’ll bet I can take a whiz all the way into bucket number six from here.

So if you ever get bored while visiting downtown Cleveland, just pick yourself up a few bags and cornhole it up.  Just try to keep those corn filled sacks away from those hungry little squirrels, or your game may have to be called on account of dinner…

Sorry, pal.  We needed your food for the Cornhole Olympics.

Sorry, pal. We needed your food for the Cornhole Olympics.

We’ll do this again next week.  The photo prompt, not cornholing.  Where did I put that set of lawn darts….?

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My Kind Of Town

People have come from all over to watch the countdown finale live!

People have come from all over to watch the countdown finale live!

Did you wake up this morning and notice the sun was shining just a bit brighter, the birds were singing just a little merrier, and the coffee tasted just slightly less like Juan Valdez’s donkey?  There can be no doubting the reason why this Monday morning may very well be the bestest Monday morning of the entire year, as we have finally reached the terminus of “anything you can do I can do better” music.  It’s time to present the number one song in The Nest’s Top 30 Cover Songs of All Time countdown!  DJ Scratchy picked out her best glow in the dark, postmodern ballgown to wear for the occasion of dropping the final needle on the top of this golden record, while the Sponkies chose more conservative formal wear to celebrate such a glorious occasion.

Alright, let’s do this!  Can I get a drum roll please, Hottie….?


#1. “Funkytown” – Pseudo Echo

Lipps Inc. was not the original name of the band Milli Vanilli, they were one of literally thousands of pop acts to come out of the Minneapolis R&B scene that was not named Prince.  In 1980, they stumbled upon a disco earworm that literally took the entire world by storm.  “Funkytown” not only hit #1 on the US charts, but on the official music charts in 27 other countries as well… a record setting achievement at the time.  I love disco… probably way more than you do.  But I can’t stand this goddamn song.  It’s a musical abomination of which I will not tolerate.  Can anybody out there take this song and keep it moving and grooving with just a little more energy?

This looks like a job for the mullet patrol!

This looks like a job for the mullet patrol!

In the mid 80’s, Pseudo Echo was an Australian New Wave quartet who wasn’t making much noise outside of their home continent and surrounding islands.  In 1987, the released a US version of their second album “Love an Adventure” for American audiences, and included a track on the international version that was left off the original…. a five minute remaking of the Lipps Inc. classic, which bought the band their one and only entry onto the Billboard Top 40.  How this song only made it to #6 is baffling… it isn’t just the greatest cover song of all time… it’s one of the best pieces of fucking music to ever be supplied to us by means of electricity!!!

I had a hell of a time sorting out the order of the songs I presented in this countdown, but this was the one position that was absolutely locked down from the beginning.  Pseudo Echo took one of my least favorite disco songs and kept the high energy of that genre, while transforming it into a guitar rock/synth pop mashup that is almost too good to be true.  This is hardcore 80’s goodness Straight Outta Melbourne!

Don't make us pop a cap in yo' elf ass.

Don’t make us pop a cap in yo’ elf ass.

Naturally, despite Lipps Inc.’s universal appeal with the original and Pseudo Echo’s kickass cover, the only town these two bands wound up moving to was OneHitWonderville.  Neither group ever hit the US charts with another Top 40 hit.  I guess you can check out of Funkytown anytime you like, but you can never leave…

Would you mind keeping the noise down? The couple in Room 69 can't hear themselves moaning over your disco beats.

Would you mind keeping the noise down? The couple in Room 69 can’t hear themselves moaning over your disco beats.

And how oddly ironic is it that despite my self-professed love of all that is disco, even including several disco remakes of songs from different genres in my countdown, that three of my top four choices for this countdown were just the opposite… remakes of disco songs in a different style?  It just goes to show you that putting a big, sparkly, spinning ball above something doesn’t necessarily make it automatically awesome.

The perfect compliment to Cantina Band music.

The perfect compliment to Cantina Band music.

And that does it for The Nest’s special presentation of The Top 30 Cover Songs of All Time countdown.  While I surely didn’t expect anyone to love all, or even most of what I chose to include in this tribute, I do hope you all found some hidden gems in the songs I featured over the past seven months.  I have some ideas for a new countdown on tap beginning sometime next year, and sometime soon I’ll post a poll to let you all pick which theme you want me to tackle… but for now, I’ll be returning Mondays to more of the lesser known songs of excellence I’ve picked up from the Mecca Muzak CD’s.  Happy earworming everyone!

Damn, I love my job.

Damn, I love my job.

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Wild Kingdom

Today, we feature the untamed squirrel in its natural habitat.

Today, we feature the untamed squirrel in its natural habitat.

sqturday squirrel logoPhotographing wildlife can be a quite fun, fulfilling, and even dangerous hobby.  Many of the pictures I’ve taken of my bushy tailed little friends have come from the relative safety of one of my rear windows that overlooks the backyard jungle.  Every once in a while, though, I load up the camera and venture to the city park where the squirrels are wild, free and plentiful.  Among the many suburban furry creatures I ran into while on safari this past Wednesday morning was the critter I’m featuring as this week’s Saturday Squirrel.

Oh no.  Not another nosy human.

Oh no. Not another nosy human.

I wasn’t but maybe 15 feet or so below him taking pictures as he made a meal out of a huge nut he scored.  I managed a couple of nice shots of him before he finally noticed me…

Time to grab my nuts and get out of here.

Time to grab my nuts and get out of here.

Shortly after his gaze first met the lens of my camera, he hightailed it up tree and well out of my view.  Once I realized I wouldn’t be getting anymore pictures of him, I turned around and started to walk away to look for more photogenic prey to stalk.  That’s when I heard something hard hit the ground not even a foot to my left.

The ungrateful little bastard threw his nut at me!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuts to you, Creep!

Nuts to you, Creep!

Crikey!  Now I know how Steve Irwin felt!  Fear not, however, I will not allow this spirited sciurine to keep The Squirrel Hunter from bringing home more spectacular images for your Saturday enjoyment.

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep an eye to the skies!

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