Wabbit And Squirrel Season

Please stop! You’re both adorable!

Ah, what happens when the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit coincides with the much celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day?  Well, you get a fight for small critter superiority in the backyard…

Come on, guys.  We can honor both a Saturday Squirrel and a Saturday Rabbit this week…

So to all my fellow bunnies in the Chinese Zodiac, a happy Lunar New Year to you all!  And for all of my sciurine adoring fans out there, a very merry National Squirrel Appreciation Day as well!  Be sure to celebrate with the furry critter of your choice today….

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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Share Your World – Week 211

What’ll you have?

On January 19, 1915 Georges Claude received a patent for the neon discharge tube specifically to be used in advertising, and a huge part of mid 20th Century Americana was born.  Neon signs became a ubiquitous part of American life from the 1930’s through the 1950’s, popping up in the big city commercial districts, on Main Street in small towns everywhere, and along the highways and byways of the post-World War II era.  Though “neon signs” can still be seen all over today, the technology used to make that bright colorful glow is much cheaper and safer than the neon tubes of old which often contained mercury vapor and lead coating.  I always smile when I pass bars that have been around since I was a kid and they still have those old 70’s and 80’s era neon beer signs in their windows…

This Neon lasted a long time as well, but wasn’t quite as showy and never sold out…. well, except for that bumper sticker with my blog’s address on it.

And now we’ll officially turn on the blinking “OPEN” sign in our window and answer this week’s Share Your World questions from Di!


What is the most comfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven?

There aren’t any that stand out.  Both my Sonic and erstwhile Neon were pretty comfortable for me, at least.  Any passengers that had to ride in my rolling garbage dumps probably wouldn’t have agreed.  I know a lot of the modern “comforts” that are put into cars these days are not my idea of comfortable.  The SUV my parents had a bit over a decade ago was my first experience with heated seats.  My Dad turned them on and I felt like I was being barbecued alive.  No thanks….

The result of heated seats…

What is the most uncomfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven?

I’ve survived road trips in the rear facing seats of the family station wagon, which probably wouldn’t have been comfortable as an adult, but quite cool as a kid.  Sitting on the wheel humps in the back of my Dad’s old pickup wasn’t particularly comfortable….. but cruising down the highway at 55 (allegedly) in the world’s coolest convertible?  I’m so glad I got to experience that before the safety nazis took it away.


If we can count it as a vehicle, then the most uncomfortable trip I’ve ever taken would undeniably be my flight home from New York after my Millionaire taping in 2001, after which it took several days for my back to recover from…

And I haven’t been on an airplane since. Coincidence?

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Yes, twice.  Once when I was a kid that I only remember enough of to recall that I was on a horse.  The other time came during a family trip to Colorado in 1996, where it was decided for some reason that we should do horseback riding.  They had to get the heftiest horse on the farm to carry my fat ass around, and all I remember is that its name was Julep…

Julep felt like I did after that flight having to lug me around…

If you could have one of these as a pet, which would it be and why
(Black panther, cheetah, leopard, lynx)?

They all have an exotic nature to them that would make any one of the four cool to have around the house…. though I’d worry a bit for my squirrels.  As this photo from my collection shows, there’s already a black panther on the prowl around these parts anyway…


Gratitude: Never forget to tell the Special Someone in your life that you love them.

Yeah, I’ll get right on that.  BTW, Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day this Saturday!

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#34 – Careful!

Squirrels love to chase each other for a variety of reasons.  Whether defending their territory, pursuing a love interest, or just for the total hell of it… it’s hardly uncommon to see them pursue each other on the ground and up in the trees.  And as agile and acrobatic as squirrels naturally are, even they’re prone to the occasional slip up might hurt their bodies or just their pride.

Two such squirrels were chasing each other in my backyard tree on an early February morning seven years ago.  What made this chase a bit unusual was that it was being done in the lower branches of my tree, and required both squirrels to make numerous hops between the low hanging branches as they circled around canopy.

Give me back my acorn you nut thief!!!

This was the first picture I got of the duo.  As you can see, the chasee has a nut in his mouth, which the chaser obviously thought belonged to him.

This was the second photo, giving you an idea where the squirrels were jumping to and from in their pursuit.  Those branches don’t look sturdy enough for fat winter squirrels to be bouncing around on….

And this was the result… the lead squirrel was unable to stick the landing on his next branch and had to cling on for dear life to keep from falling to the ground.  Granted, it would have only been about a four foot drop… which is nothing compared to the daring leaps these guys make in the tops of trees.  But I’m sure he’d have been laughed at by his pursuer had he fallen…. and probably had his nut taken from him as well!

This action packed dangerous stunt that you won’t need a movie ticket for comes in at #34 on my Top 50 Saturday Squirrels of all time countdown!

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Two Star Muzak


Not feeling all bright and shiny at the start of a new week?  Well, let The Nest restore that twinkle to your eyes and your ears!  It’s Monday, and that’s the day we scan the skies for another great song that got lost in all of the light pollution from that giant galaxy of star-studded hits we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  You know DJ Scratchy’s muzak collections contains billions and billions of records, while the Sponkies wonder why you can’t see the Southern Cross from the US.  Let’s pour out another forgotten classic from the Big Dipper…

Back in the mid 80’s, a songwriting couple by the names of Shannon Rubicam and George Merrill were at a Whitney Houston concert in Los Angeles when they noticed a falling star in the sky.  It inspired them to write a song, which they first offered to Houston to record.  In case you think that’s strange…. yes, there was history between the duo and Whitney.  Rubicam and Merrill wrote her 1986 breakout #1 hit “How Will I Know.”  However, Houston’s label, led by none other than Clive Davis, flat out rejected the song… offering to go with another song the duo had written for Whitney’s next album, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”…

Ah, the good old days before Whitney jumped the shark and was actually worth listening to….

With Whitney a no-go, Rubicam and Merrill next gave Belinda Carlisle a chance to record their song inspired by a shooting star.  In the exact opposite fashion, her label insisted she record it for her upcoming album Heaven On Earth.  The former voice of The Go Go’s, in the middle of her brief solo career stardom, did record the song………. and HATED IT.  Carlisle had enough sway to keep the track off the finished album, and Rubicam and Merrill’s creation out of the public’s ears…

I don’t think Belinda Carlisle’s mad about us…

After being given the cold shoulder by two of the late 80’s biggest pop divas, the duo said “Fuck it, we’ll record it ourselves!”

The rest is 80’s One Hit Wonder history….

Shannon Rubicam and George Merrill were already a duo that had recorded an album under the name Boy Meets Girl, and for their second album Reel Life in 1988, they finally got their song “Waiting For A Star To Fall” the exposure it deserved.  It went to #5 on the US Hot 100, and Top 10 in several other countries around the world, while giving the duo that helped make Whitney Houston famous their time in the limelight as well.  This is such a happy-making song, and if it doesn’t make you happy listening to it…… well, then you must be Clive Davis or Belinda Carlisle.

Or Grumpy Bear…. no, even Grumpy Bear likes this song!

Keep an eye on the skies, and watch for another falling lost hit next Monday….

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Big Bite

Open wide….

I’ve got an entire lunchroom full of pics of squirrels eating things, quite a few of which have been featured here before.  This photo caught my eye because it stood out as being a rare shot of a squirrel, mouth open, ready to bite into something.  That’s a nice sized nut he has in his paws… but he’s not just going to devour it whole.  Squirrels chew and nibble on their food…. and as is often the case with the their harder shelled treats, they crack the outside open to get to the good stuff in the middle…

One other thing I noticed about this picture, look how this week’s Saturday Squirrel is holding the nut.  It’s not in his fingers, but kind of in between his wrists (If squirrels have wrists)!  That’s how you have to hold things when you don’t have an opposable thumb like humans do.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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