#19 – Squirrel In The Sky

Photo taken: August 21, 2017

I only put this photo up on my blog last year because it showed the mostly total (and mostly cloudy) solar eclipse we were treated to as a funny looking “cat claw” in the sky.  It took one of my readers, namely Phenny from Easy Blog, to notice the amazingly coincidental shape that was being made by the cloud cover that was ruining my show.  Do you see the profile of a chubby, smiling squirrel on the left hand side of this picture?  Here, let me trace it out a bit for you….

Now go back up to the original and see if you can find it.  How fucking cool is that?

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BDAC – 12/13/18

happy holidays

Day 13: The Ring

BUSTER: So now what happens?

Sorry Buster, we don’t have seven days to wait…

TROLL: I fucking hate this job…

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#20 – Syko Kitteh

Photo taken: October 16, 2009

When Ody and Spilly used to partake in their daily wrestling matches, particularly during their kitten days, I usually had the camera at the ready to catch their crazy antics.  This particular picture was taken during a slight lull in the action, and it is my iconic Spilly Being Spilly image.  What in the everloving fuck are you doing there, dude?  Even Ody seems to think you have lost your mind.  Ody’s befuddlement was noted by some of my Millionaire message board friends when I posted this photo over there and inspired me to check out the legendary I Can Haz Cheeseburger site and make this photo the first lolcat I ever created…

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BDAC – 12/12/18

happy holidays

Day 12: ¡Piñata!

TINA: Take THAT!!!


BEARCAT: Good hit, birthday girl!

CAPER: Dafuq kind of cream filling is this?

ZEEBA: Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!Blood!

BUSTER: Why am I (ouch!) getting this sense of (ouch!) deja vu?

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#21 – Pimp Daddy

Photo taken: January 31, 2013

My Dad was something else… and this is my favorite photo I took of him, which I used occasionally on my blog even before he passed last year.  So what’s the story behind this picture?  Well, Dad occasionally borrowed money off of me… and at my request, always paid it back in one dollar bills.  No, I don’t frequent the types of places you would need lots of singles for… I’ve long been an avid user of the website “Where’s George?” which allows you to enter, mark, and track where your paper currency goes throughout the country and even the world.  Ones obviously end up in change a lot, so they move at the fastest rate… plus, you can release more into circulation at the time.  So anyway… Dad brings me this stack of 100 one dollar bills… and being weird like he was, he sorted them out on the table by each of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks (That A through L letter on each bill).  When I came in and saw this scene of Dad laid out with twelve stacks of money in front of him… I had to grab the camera, and true to form, he hammed it up for me with the side glance and crossed arms.  Way to keep it real, Daddy Mack…

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