The Angry Young Squirrel


I took another step into the cold and clammy grave that is old age this week when my doctor put me on medication to lower my blood pressure.  Apparently my drawing hobby isn’t relieving enough to make up for my poor diet, spare tire, and stress at work.  I bring sqturday squirrel logothis up, because this week’s Saturday Squirrel could probably use a dose or two of my Lisinopril…

You can see him there hanging off of the bottom of the tree, and he is quite obviously not happy about something.  This image is part of a series of pictures I took from my front window about two weeks ago of three squirrels at play.  Someone apparently whizzed in this squirrel’s Wheaties, however, and he’s about to do what we’ve all seen squirrels do from time to time…. get more than a little peeved.

I think it’s funny how the one squirrel on the left is dashing towards the scene of the upcoming meltdown.  Is he coming to help calm down his friend, or just to laugh at the fool he is going to make out of himself?  Whatever the reason, he is in such a hurry to reach him that he’s just a blur on my crappy camera.

Oh no!!!  He's really flipping out now!  He must have saw me eyeing his squirrelfriend again...

Oh no!!! He’s really flipping out now! He must have saw me eyeing his squirrelfriend again…

OK, now he’s having a full blown tantrum!  Come on, dude, lighten up!  If you keep having hissy fits like this, we’ll have to send you off to anger management classes!

But while he’s acting like a big baby in public, here’s a higher resolution image of him that was cropped from the above picture….

The other squirrels can only look on in pity.  Don't know him... never seen this guy before in my life!

The other squirrels can only look on in pity. Don’t know him… never seen this guy before in my life!

Sure, they bark at people who like to interrupt their birdseed dinner, and they like to rant and rave at the dogs who run them up trees, and they will unleash angry chitter chatter at the cats who think they are better than them…. but to act this way in sciurine company?  You, sir, are an embarrassment to the bushy tail.  Here at The Nest, we do not condone such poor behavior in our Saturday Squirrel of the Week, and I’m afraid we’ll have to call on your friends to do the only honorable thing they can do to show you the error of your ways Mr. Angry Squirrel……

Cool, Ralph!  Where did you get the taser?

Cool, Ralph! Where did you get the taser?

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to The Angry Young Squirrel

  1. Anger management for squirrels! There’s a good one, lol 🙂

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Aww, i feel bad for the little guy. Where’s their Christmas spirit?? Nuts to them!

  3. When I looked at picture 3 I thought the squirrel looked like he was singing. For some reason despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I seem to remain terminally optimistic. There is and never has been any reason for me to be like that, it is simply an affliction that I must learn to live with. Alas it must be my wiring. Your end picture looked like the squirrel has met a girlfriend and they were having a Christmas smooch. Fair Dinkum! Forgive my next “Pollyanna” comment but “thank goodness for antihypertensives and be like your old Aunt and just squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of life that comes your way” Also as you Americans say (I love this) Don’t let the Turkeys get you down!”

  4. Your Royal PITA says:

    In picture #3 it looks like he has something in his mouth–maybe he’s just trying to protect his nuts like all you guys do!

    #1 son has been taking blood pressure meds since he was in 4th grade to control tics, so don’t feel so old. That’s my job! And the caffeine isn’t such a great idea in large doses. It might be time to investigate if there is caffeine-free Pepsi available near you. Your kidneys will thank you, too! 😛

  5. mskatykins says:

    Wow, it’s interesting to see that Squirrels can have bad days too…!

    I think you should switch to tea drinking, it’s an entirely satisfying experiences, there are loads of different types out there so you’ll find something to suit you and I think they’re a bit better for you than coffee… I should get a job in tea… 🙂

  6. Tea, tea, tea, glorious, hooray for tea, tea. : )

  7. dogfordavid says:

    I enjoy the pictures 🙂 And as far as feeling old… I had the classic moment just a few days ago when I was talking to a neighbor. David climbed up on her lap and showed her the old toddler laptop (hand me down from a friend) that my mom had just fixed for him and she commented how the screen had a digital face that could smile at you when turned it on and that none of her toy computers growing up had that. Then I went and added we didn’t even have toy computers when I was that young. She just looked at me in what could only be seen as half horror and half disbelief. lol Yeah, I dated myself with that comment. lol

  8. pishnguyen says:

    Angry squirrel is angry! Yikes and look out! Ha!

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