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First of all, a happy 8th birthday to the real life inspiration behind my character Erin.  My Royal PITA would surely be an extra special Royal PITA had I not made sure to acknowledge her daughter’s birthday. 😛

Now, onto the business behind today’s post.  I’m normally one of those people who gets bent out of shape when I see year end retrospectives done before the year has actually finished.  What’s up with that anyway?  Do the last couple weeks of the year really not amount to a hill of beans?  Why don’t we just start the new year in the middle of December?  Seriously, go to the magazine counter and see how many 2012 remembrance issues are on there, and then ponder what will happen to newsworthy events, famous people who have died, pop culture phenomena that will still emerge during these final days of the year.  Do they all just get swept into the dustbin of history because of unfortunate timing?

Al Gore was wrong!

That winter storm that paralyzed the nation on December 28th.  Naw, it never happened, according to Time Magazine.

This is why my much anticipated awards post I plan on doing for my favorite search terms that led people to The Nest in 2012 will not be posted until New Years Day.  If something funny comes up on December 30th, I want it in there!  But I’m going to tell my pet peeve to take a hike just for today, and post a little retrospective on some of my favorite posts I’ve made here in my first year of blogging.  Since I didn’t begin to get a regular following until just a few months ago, most of you reading this have probably never seen many or even any of my posts from the first 2/3 of the year!  So today, I’d like to look back at some of these hidden gems, and give them another chance to be laughed at enjoyed now that I have a live studio audience…

It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day! – 1/21/12

One of my first attempts at a post that had nothing to do with my drawings or my shop… but of course, was still all about the squirrels!  Hey, just one month until the next NSAD!!!

Coming Out of the Dark – 2/2/12

This post is worth looking at just for the nightmarish image of MBRS it contains!

Knock Knock! – 2/15/12

A little fun with photo touch up!

Say the Word – 3/21/12

My first attempt at what became a recurring theme here at The Nest, matching up some of my past drawings to some pre-concieved list… in this case, a week’s worth of Merriam Webster words of the day.

Separated At Birth – 4/6/12

Are MBRS and Aubrey O’Day one and the same?

XXX Marks The Spot – 4/15/12

Chances are, if you happened upon my blog because I liked one of your posts and you got an email about “really great posts” on my blog, you have probably already read this one.  For better or for worse, it has become, by far, the most popular post on my blog thanks to all of the naughty Sandy Cheeks searches done out there.  But it actually is a somewhat thoughtful look at the role of sexuality in cartoon art.

Birth of an Evil Squirrel and Happy Birthday Evil Squirrel 4/22 and 4/25/12

A two part series that gives a more detailed look at how ES came to be on my message board almost 5 years ago, without which this blog would not exist.

My first comic – 5/3/12

For those of you who enjoy my weekly Thursday comic series, I invite you to look back at some of the earlier strips by visiting the Comics category on the dropdown menu on my sidebar.  I have to admit, I’m a little surprised I’ve kept them coming this long, but am definitely enjoying them too much to stop anytime soon!

Shall I Compare Thee To An Avatar – 5/16/12

My avatars supplement great lines of poetry.

Here There Be Kittehs – 5/27/12

Though I had referenced them in past posts, this was the first time I formally introduced my cats Ody and Biskit (and the much-missed Spilly).  Yes Sparky, they both hate ES too…

We Are The 85 Percent! – 6/15/12

I had waaaaaay too much fun with this one, which is a no-holds barred critical comedy of a website that was brought to may attention that wants to save the squirrels!

“Nuts About Squirrels” – 7/3/12

OMG!  I did a book review!  Almost as surprising as my actually reading a book!  “Nuts About Squirrels” by Richard E. Mallery was frequently quoted in the odd website I lambasted in the previous post I linked to, and when I found it on Amazon for a penny, I just had to buy it and of course, review it here.

Cellageddon – 7/22/12

Have I ever mentioned before just how much I HATE cell phones and the way they have destroyed our way of life?  Does it show?

You Can’t Make A Difference! – 8/5/12

If you ever needed confirmation that I am both a pessimist and a blatant realist, here you go.

Happy Southpaw Day! – 8/13/12

I did this post on International Lefthanders Day.  I am not a lefty myself, but there are a few activities where I am considered a southpaw, and these odd lefty/righty quirks have always fascinated me.

Afternoon Delight – 8/30/12

Bad kitty!!! Bad!!!!

Take A Hike – 9/15/12

A photo journey of one of my typical walks around my neighborhood, inspired by similar posts I saw on other people’s blogs.

Bath and Breakfast – 9/16/12

This was the post that essentially inspired the Saturday squirrel picture posts that have become a weekly feature on my blog.  I was beginning to very actively try to lure people over to my blog at this time, and this post was one that many visitors latched onto and really liked!

Relections – 9/27/12

A look back on what my blog was intended to be, and what it had actually become over its first nine months.

These are just a handful of the posts I did prior to gaining my regular following.  Perhaps sometime before the year is out, I’ll also recap some of my favorite posts from the last three months of the year!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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8 Responses to The Best of The Nest

  1. mskatykins says:

    This is really cool. Happy Birthday to your inspiration too. How cool! 🙂 It’s amazing when you look back and see what you’ve managed to achieve in a year. Nice work! 🙂

  2. Betsy Norman says:

    Thanks for the recap!!! May 2013 be even better for us all!!!

  3. Your Royal PITA says:

    That picture is waaaay too real! You should have seen Erin last night wearing her new Rosy Red Dress from American Girl (which I luckily ordered months ago since it sold out quickly) changing her dolls’ clothes and fixing their hair–until she opened the Twister game from her big brother and we had to have a Twister Smackdown (which I would win despite my advanced age due to my longer limbs!) I wish I had taken a picture of her cake since I had let her decorate it–a classic mishmash of pink spray-on frosting and Lego-style candles. since she’s a Princess Tomboy.

  4. dogfordavid says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love this! 😦

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