Coming Out of the Dark

Early this morning around 3 AM, while I was working on my Groundhog Day post, my power went out.  I nearly killed myself trying to get to the closet where I keep the candles, but got them set up and waited for the light to come back on.  Unfortunately, the only light that came back on was the rising sun.  It was 8 AM and about 10 power flickers later before it finally came back on for good.  Naturally, something like this will only occur on one of my nights off, and since I can’t sleep without the constant drone of a box fan running, I was pretty tired and cranky all day.

But I didn’t write a post just to whine about the power outage ruining my night.  Inspiration comes from boredom, and I wanted to show off a picture I took about 2 hours into the blackout.  But first, let me show you a constant companion who sits atop the TV stand in the living room…

squirrel statue

This is a cheap $10 lawn ornament I bought from Wal-Mart last Spring…. at least it was a cheap $10 lawn ornament.  It used to look like this.  I got out the paints I hadn’t used in almost a year and went to work turning that bland piece of junk that wouldn’t pass as decorative lawn art in Boring, Oregon into the lovely MBRS.  I thought it turned out nice, and when those squirrels went on clearance a few months later, I bought two more intending to turn them into ES and Angel, but they still reside in a plastic bag unpainted.

OK, I didn’t just make this post to show off my neat looking MBRS statue.  THIS is what I made this post for….

You weren't planning on sleeping again anytime soon, were you?

It’s hard to believe that given how big of a wussy I can sometimes be when I’m alone in the dark, that I even had the guts to set this scene up at all.  But I had one of my candles on top of the TV stand, and noticed how it was eerily glowing off of the MBRS figure, and decided to grab my camera and at least have a little spooky fun while there was nothing else to do.  MBRS always did have that look of evil in her eyes, but this here takes the cake.  I don’t think she’ll have any more trouble out of ES for a while.  And how lucky I feel that I usually sleep during the daytime….


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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