Lego My Squirrel!

lego mbrs

Remember when you were a kid and you played with lego blocks?  Did you ever build anything this awesome before?

It’s a red squirrel made out of Lego blocks, and I discovered it this morning on Yiharuablog, a Lego fan blog.  Wouldn’t that make a great addition to any sciurine collection out there?  Sure, he might scare your cats, but it would be worth it to have what looks like a cyborg squirrel protecting your domain!



The blog I linked to has a link to the Lego site where you can actually vote on the red squirrel Lego set to actually be produced!  Since it requires a Facebook or Twitter account, I can’t make my voice heard, but if you were ever dying to have a lifelike version of MBRS made out of blocks to put up on your mantle, well, here’s your chance!

squirrel statue

And really, who wouldn’t want MBRS around as a conversation piece?

Finally, here is a YouTube video of the Lego squirrel being made!  Why they didn’t have “Build Me Up Buttercup” playing in the background is beyond me…..


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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10 Responses to Lego My Squirrel!

  1. This is great. It could only be better if it was a Grey Squirrel! 🙂

  2. Sparky Spitfire says:

    “might scare your cats…”
    in yer dreams, buddy.

  3. pishnguyen says:

    That is just about the neatest thing I’ve seen!!

  4. st sahm says:

    One brown lego yard squirrel, please. Also a gray one on a 1/4 scale smaller. Do you accept paypal?


  5. gentlestitches says:

    People who make clever things with lego must be able to conceptualize in 3D.
    Who doesn’t love Lego sculpture? My son Shane declared it “awesome”
    The video was good too.

  6. psquirrel says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome LEGO squirrel!!

  7. yiharuablog says:

    Thanks for sharing it! And thanks for the link. ;).

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