The Big Huge Stupendous Extravagant Copyright Protected Game!

Use the Schwartz!

It’s that time of year again.  Time for everyone to gather around the TV and hold a huge, kickass party for something they really couldn’t give a crap about.  Yep, the Super Bowl kicks off today, which is the moment those who began watching the pregame show about 2 weeks ago have been waiting for.  This year the New York Giants and New England Patriots will square off during the few minutes of non-commercial time NBC will allow during their broadcast.  There was a time when even if you didn’t care about the teams that would be playing, the Super Bowl was entertaining to watch because it was the biggest showcase for the cleverest advertisements, which they should be given that the cost of a 30 second Super Bowl ad would buy you half of Central America…

Alas, Super Bowl commercials jumped the shark several years ago.  Ad agencies try too damn hard anymore instead of just going with the flow.  And what’s worse, most of the ads end up out on the internet days if not weeks before game day.  The ad referenced in my pic above is a good example of both…. it wound up on YouTube the week before the Super Bowl and was posted by someone on my forum.  I’m a big fan of cute, but kids generally annoy me, and I was honestly rooting for the car to spring to life in this commercial and run over the little imp.  If I wasn’t clear, I didn’t care for the ad… nor many of the others that aired last year.  I only remember one even drawing a chuckle, and to emphasize my point, I don’t even remember what it was about or who it was for…

And besides, nothing…. I mean NOTHING will ever top this ad that ran during the 2000 game….

bud weis er!

Sorry, dudes.

So anyway, I figured I’d dig into my art archives and share a few of my football related pics.  Nothing extraordinary, but it’s always fun to look at an old picture I drew and recall what inspired me to create it in the first place…


This was the avatar I had up with my account for the Super Bowl last year.  It shows ES blowing his nose into one of Pittsburgh’s famous Terrible Towels as MBRS waves some green pom-pons.  The avatar wasn’t drawn for the Super Bowl, but instead for the AFC championship game 2 weeks earlier, where the Steelers defeated the New York Jets to advance to the Big Game.  We have a small but quite vocal Stillers contingent on our forum, and to say they annoy me would be a #$&@* understatement.  I was laughed at by one for guaranteeing a Steelers victory by dissing the Towel (Or Tahl, or however Pittsburgh natives would say it).  Not being one who believes in curses or jinxes or any such nonsense, and at the urging of Fanny who pointed out that the green pom-pons work just as well for the Packers as they did the Jets, I put it up again on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of course, the Packers defeated the Steelers and silenced the fans of the black and gold… including the one who was kind enough to point out how I was being a jinx to the Steelers’ opponents…

Squirrels get in for free

Here’s an avatar I did back in November 2009, when Sprotsie and a couple others from the forum got together at a Monday Night Football game in Denver between the Broncos and Steelers.  Here we see old school Sprotsie Baby trying to enjoy the game despite the beer guzzling mangy rodent on her lap.  The girls are perched in the laps of her two friends, Tgirl and Peacock (The feathered one wearing the Ben Roethlischeeseburger jersey).  I tortured the heck out of Sprots for months with my Evil Squirrel alter ego saying that he was going to be attending the game with her, so drawing up this scene was a must…


One of our members, who also has her own character who may be revealed later, has a son who plays high school football.  She often included a picture of him in his #71 jersey as her avatar.  When she announced his birthday back in 2010, I drew up MBRS wearing a pink #71 in his honor, ala those shots of Jessica Simpson rooting for Tony Romo that had become popular the season before…

And there have been some tributes for the college football fans…

real rally squirrels     oklahoma sooners

The image on the left was drawn for one of our big Auburn fans before the SEC Championship game in 2010.  The one on the right was inspired by a picture the one and only Ms. Camaro posted of her granddaughter wearing an Oklahoma University cheerleader uniform, with Angel copying her pose as best I could (though someone commented it looked like she had to pee).

And of course, just because I’ll take any opportunity I can get to show it off again….

rainbow bronco


Enjoy the game everyone, even if the commercials do suck royally…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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