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Shhhh!  Be vewy quiet!  I'm hunting earworms!

Shhhh! Be vewy quiet! I’m hunting earworms!

A very happy summer solstice to those of my colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere!  Today is the longest day of the year, which will make those 120 degree temps you’ll be expecting in the Southwest all the more enjoyable!  But while you’re busy baking in that dry heat, we’ll give you something else to fry your brain on this melting Monday…. another certified gold earworm straight from The Nest’s Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got the AC cranked up to 11 while the Sponkies are chilling out in the cellar digging up another red hot classic that time forgot.  It’s time to do some sweatin’ to the oldies!

dusty vinyl

To have a successful movie in the 1980’s, you had to have a killer soundtrack that contained at least one and preferably a whole slew of songs written just for that flick that would make it big on the Billboard charts.  The king of the 80’s soundtrack was none other than the man whose mama didn’t dance and whose daddy thought rock and roll was the devil, Kenny Loggins.  The former partner of Jim Messina was the voice behind no fewer than four Top 10 hits that were the main themes to big time 80’s movies.

You're dancing to the wrong version, Kevin...

You’re dancing to the wrong version, Kevin…

The title track from Footloose hit #1, “Danger Zone” from Top Gun made it to #2, and “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack made it to the alright slot of #7.  All three songs still get killer airplay on classic rock stations today…. but what about that fourth big movie hit?

Well, despite making it to #8 in 1988, “Nobody’s Fool” kinda fell off the face of the pop music earth probably due to the fact that it appeared in one of the most misguided and utterly despised sequels of the decade… Caddyshack II.  The official video version with plenty of obligatory movie montage moments is here, but I’m gonna embed the cute animal version of it that appears on YouTube instead because….. cute animals!

This absolutely blows away everything else Kenny did in his career, yet it gets thrown out with the dirty bathwater that was the ill-fated Caddyshack sequel.  I’ve never seen the original (Yes, have a “Gasp!” on me!), and have very vague memories of Part II… but the movie had shit written all over it before it ever even got made.  Of the celebrated cast of the original movie, only Chevy Chase returned for the sequel eight years later… and even he regretted that before it even made it to the box office.  Not that they didn’t find last minute replacements for the traditional roles… like making Bill Murray’s ghostbusting partner Dan Aykroyd the club’s new gopherbuster…

I guess those days of being a frozen concentrated orange juice magnate didn't quite work out...

I guess those days of being a frozen concentrated orange juice magnate didn’t quite work out…

Among the real life comedy this movie did produce that you can read about in the Wiki article I linked to is how the studio sued Rodney Dangerfield for showing them no respect and backing out of the sequel, writer Harold Ramis unsuccessfully fought to keep from getting a writing credit for it, and even Murray got a nice, fat settlement from the producers since the gopher was a creation of his and he didn’t like that it reappeared in Caddyshack II!  Let this be a lesson to Hollywood that not every successful franchise can be milked for everything that it’s worth…

69 sequels, and still going strong!

69 sequels, and still going strong!

At least we got this great Kenny Loggins song the mess!  Our equine gophers will find more lost treasure for your ears next Monday… if the world doesn’t burn to a crisp before then.


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45 Responses to Back To The Shack

  1. Can’t believe I never heard that song before but (gasp) I haven’t…….As for cute animals – they are adorable no matter what music is playing while you watch them – – – and that includes squirrels of course!


  2. I remember the time of famous soundtracks… it was a little weird, they were only good with sequences of the movie… without they didn’t work for me somehow :o)

    • I found it was better to listen to them outside of the context of the movie first… there’s a lot of famous movie songs that I didn’t even realize were in movies since I don’t watch many.

  3. You were right to include the cute animals version, otherwise, I still would have never heard this song, lol. I didn’t even know there had been a Caddyshack II. Wow. Good ole Kenny Loggins. He did indeed dominate the 80’s theater speakers didn’t he?

    • I think he might have had an office in Hollywood at the time he was so prodigious with soundtrack hits. I’d like to say he probably should have avoided this turkey, but I’d hate to think we wouldn’t have this song if he’d had more sense…

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    I don’t remember the song. What a cute video. Summer is here and the weather finally matches. Hothothot.

    • I listen to this song a lot when I go to YouTube to binge on classics, and I always pick this particular video for the song. Cute animals can make you forget it’s 100 freaking degrees outside…

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    This song is horrible. I listened for a little over 2.5 minutes, but had to turn it off. The animals are very cute however. I prefer Loggins & Messina for sure. I don’t like any of his movie songs at all. Yuck. I’m sorry you haven’t seen Caddyshack since it’s a funny movie, but it sounds like Caddyshack II really bit the big one. Wow. Even though I usually don’t like the music I enjoy your Monday music posts since I learn about another tune each week. Once in a great while I even like one of them. We all know learning is fundamental, however!

  6. fanrosa says:

    And here I was trying to figure out how in the world I couldn’t remember that Cinderella was on the Caddyshack soundtrack…..

    Time to go back to frying, yay.

  7. Merbear74 says:

    This song blows. I’m gonna go kick off my Sunday shoes now…

  8. Piglove says:

    Snorts – I’ve never watched the original either. But this weekend OMP – there was Jason X on television where he was in outer space. All I could say was daddy like really? Really? Jason in outer space. That was such a joke… of course I didn’t watch. I didn’t make the parental code. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  9. I never saw the second movie.. completely forgot there was one. LOL! The first movie was funny but I never understood what all the fuss was about. I saw it once..maybe twice, but I just didn’t think it was anything special. I think it is also because I don’t do stupid movies… I just don’t find them humorous. Dumb and Dumber.. Ace Ventura.. Scary Movie.. Horrible Bosses! OMG! That movie was horrible alright! ANYTHING with Will Ferrell! Almost anything with Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller (with a few exceptions) NOW, having said that… I like the original Airplane movie (sequels weren’t as funny) but you had to have half a brain to understand the jokes. 😀

  10. Holly says:

    Yes, I own, this.

    The song, not the movie it was in.

  11. Trisha says:

    This song sounded good to me this morning, probably because my ears are all tuned up for 80’s music from listening to an 80’s station on satellite radio for much of the weekend. However, I think I could listen to it 20 more times and it still wouldn’t be able to push 867-5309/Jenny out of my ear. I heard that one yesterday and now it won’t go away. I’m afraid it’s going to make me forget all the important numbers in my life! Maybe I should just change my PIN number to 5309 right now….

    • I’ll bet that PIN would open up a lot of debit cards… especially any that had the name Jennifer on the card!

      • Trisha says:

        I had to look up Kenny Loggins yesterday because I couldn’t remember what he looked like. (The only image my brain could conjure up was of Kenny G.) I was surprised to learn that Kenny L was born in Everett, Washington, the city I live on the outskirts of. It’s surprising that there’s nothing named after him, since there aren’t many well known people from Everett!

  12. The Cutter says:

    Man, Loggins can do no wrong.

  13. ody & biskit….we noe we due knot get out much; but we never new caddy shack had number II

    🙂 oh, N we hope that kitteh getted that pea sea fixed 🙂 🙂 🙂 stay kewl….itz 67,033 in de dam
    shade heer….swear ~~~~~~~~~

  14. gentlestitches says:

    I like silly movies but I missed that one. The 80s were big for silly. Those cute animals were a delight to watch and the kitties in the wash basin are adorable. I cant even think of Chevy Chase without smiling. He really was silly. 😃

  15. My son is currently reliving Caddyshack in his backyard as an entire family (extended version) have moved in with the clear intent of preventing him from getting any vegetables from the garden. I think he should give up and just buy the veggies at the supermarket, but he is busy inventing traps and fencing that goes underground. He can’t kill them, it’s just not in him … but he’s convinced he CAN outwit them. I say … “Hey, good luck with that!” So how much are those home grown carrots going to cost? When you add it all together? And he doesn’t even get a top 100 song out of the experience.

    • Maybe once Team Capybara accidentally traps their other rodent they’re looking for, they can swing by and see if they can capture a gaggle of gophers with their wide array of traps. It might take a few years…. and Justin Bieber would have to perform the theme. Actually, maybe just blasting Bieber music out into the garden would scare them off…

  16. Ally Bean says:

    Never heard that song before. Although Kenny Loggins music sounds all the same to me, so maybe I did hear it and didn’t realize it was a different song. It was the 80s, so long ago to know for sure…

  17. Thom says:

    yeah this is a good one…I like it much better than the two Top Gun songs

  18. draliman says:

    I think I might have watched part 2, probably on the strength of the original being so awesome. Watch it (the original, obviously)!
    As for this song, not bad… cutest “video” ever! I kept waiting for Kenny to say “Danger Zone”, which reminded me of Archer saying “Danger Zone”, which reminded me that I got an email telling me Archer Series 7 has just been added to Netflix UK so I need to remember to add it to my watch list, so thanks for that!

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