Happy Halloween!

I’m normally a holiday grinch and dread the approach of almost any widely celebrated holiday.  Halloween is one that oddly enough doesn’t seem to bother me as much as the other red letter days, which is odd given how it’s pretty well centered around the kids, and I generally hate can’t tolerate kids.  But tonight, I will be in my kitchen sketching tomorrow’s comic and keeping a big bowl of all the unwanted candy I’ve saved up throughout the year, ready to dump handfuls of it in the bags of any kids (or wannabe kids) who happen to stop by my door.


I know people who turn out all the lights and hide in a dark corner of the house on Halloween evening, and by all due rights I should probably be one of those people as well.  But I recall how much I looked forward to Halloween as a kid, and there’s a part of me who just thinks I should pay that forward to the kids today for all of the wonderful treats I got for free when I was young.

Except for the kids of parents who gave out this nasty shit. I’d have been happier had they just barfed in my trick or treat bag….

I was able to retire from trick or treating when I was 14 since I had four younger sisters and was able to just raid their bags throughout the month of November.  Yeah, I was an evil brother.  But it was those first few Halloweens staying home that I got to be the giver of candy instead of the taker,  and I thought it was kind of cool and over 20 years later, I still do.  So the House of Evil Squirrel will have plenty of candy to hand out, even leftover blue raspberry Fun Dips with Valentines cards (I only like the cherry, but at post-Valentines Day clearance prices, I can live with the unwanted half).

One of my Halloween traditions since I went out into the world on my own 3 years ago has been the Squirrel o’lantern, which is there on my doorstep to greet any ghosts and zombies who drop by for a handout.  Here is my first squirrel o’lantern from 2009:

squirrel pumpkin 2009

Simple, but elegant…

I was quite impressed with my first go at carving something other than the standard stupid jack o’lantern face!  One of my message board friends posted an avatar in 2010 that inspired my design for that year….

Glowing squirrel

Full moon squirrel!

There was no squirrel o’lantern last year thanks to the effing Cardinals and their World Series run…. but the tradition returned this year, and with a couple challenges.  First, to create a design that set itself apart from the previous two carvings… and second, to make do with a sad ass pumpkin I bought at my store just 3 days ago after all the decent ones had already been picked out.  It not only was tilted back to where it actually faces up at an angle, but the stem was completely broken off.  If I wanted to buy a pumpkin with a stem, I’d have had to take one with no workable surface, or one that was already covered in mange mold.

Well, I think I managed to rise to both of these challenges.  What do you think……?

halloween squirrel

Now THAT’S an evil squirrel!

Have a happy Halloween!  And should you stop by a house with a squirrel o’lantern on the porch, enjoy your Valentine!  Be Mine!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Love the squirrel-o-lanterns! Great idea.

  2. psquirrel says:

    Your squirrel o’lanterns rock! And I agree about those weird orange and black wrapped candies: they suck!

    • Thank you! Those black and orange things always got tossed in the trash after two weeks with the Smarties. They were horrifying after they’d been at the bottom of the bag so long they started to ooze out of the wrapper….

  3. I love the squirrel o lantern. I showed the neighborhood kids and they squealed “AWESOME”
    They were high on lollies (Aussie for candy) at the time but the good thing about kids (or bad) is they give an honest response.

    • LOL, that’s true! Thank you for sharing my squirrel o lantern with the kids across the world!

      I’ve already had two comments from the kids at my door on my squirrel o’lantern. The last two who came by swear I had an expert carve it for me. They didn’t believe I have mad punkin carving skillz!!!

  4. hey there, evil squirrel. thanks for being the first person to like my brand-spankin-new blog. i like yours, too. and i am curious as to how you came across it? i’m a neophyte in the blogocube universe and still not sure exactly how it all ticks.
    glad you dug my whiny take on sequels/remakes. tune in next week for the privilege of reading my thoughts on dogs and how they’re awesome.
    and i know what you mean about that punk-ass cardinals’ squirrel from last year. luckily, my giants beat them in the nlcs this year. that oughta teach those st. louis-lovin squirrels.

    • I do random searches on WordPress for the word “squirrel”, which has introduced me to new blogs out there and at the same time helped me build a following. Thank “Crouching Tiger, Flying Squirrel”. BTW, the first thing I noticed when I went to your blog was the picture that’s part of your header of Jesus holding the baby dinosaur. Cracked my ass up!

  5. Those orange and black things and candy corn *shudder*. Nasty stuff should be dangled over the sides of bridges too lead trolls to their death. Disgusting! Ack…

  6. #1) Bwaahahahaha! I love that you did that with your pumpkins. Kids are evil, and I’ve been raiding bags since I was 8. I want from A-hole sister to A-hole mom. It’s great.
    #2) Thanks for adding me to your list of squirrel approved blogs! BTW: I am totally on WordPress and using my account to comment right now. I don’t know if that’ll help with sticking my goofy picture thingy up there or not. I’m still blog pre-tarded.
    #3) Not sure if you’re into awards and whatnot, but I gave you a Liebster on my page. Go see! Go see! I’m kind of excited to see the answers to my questions…

    And now, according to your comments on here, I have to go look at Jesus holding a baby dinosaur.

    • Woohoo!!! I love award nominations, just as long as I don’t have to dress up and attend a fancy luncheon! Thank you so much!!! I’ll see if I’m up to Liebster snuff over the weekend…

      Yours is the only blog I visit that doesn’t have the WordPress toolbar at the top, which is why I assumed maybe you were on another service. The icons on my Squirrel Approved
      Blogs sidebar are just an automated printout of the blogs I’m following. I didn’t see the conventional Follow button on yours (I always turn off email following, so much easier and less messy to check my faves via the sidebar gallery, and it feels more like stalking!), so thus haven’t been able to add you that way. I’ll see if I can figure it out with my Oregon Trail-level computer skillz…

      • There are a couple of WordPress blogs that I visit that don’t have have the toolbar either. Maybe because it’s on WordPress through a different host? I dunno. Damn technology. It’s too technical. Bleh! Oh well. I’ll be more than happy to be the odd-ball out on your page. That’s usually how it goes anyway 😉

  7. My Halloween was sadly lacking in all things squirrel and I just now realized the deficit. Sigh. I guess there’s always next year.

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