Randomly Thrown Apples

Just a few scattered notes as I warm up my cold fingers due to my furnace deciding to go on the fritz (Can you get frostbite at 60 degrees?)

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Some fear her, some search for her…

I was kind of joking Friday when I posted my little doodle of Sandy as the hurricane goddess and mentioned that maybe my blog would now be getting a bunch of new search hits for Sandy the Squirrel.  As it turns out, I’ve been inundated with searches featuring all three of the words “sandy”, “hurricane”, and “squirrel”!  Apparently the whole Sandy/Spongebob/ocean thing is giving people way too wild of an imagination.  Just a few of the real search terms from yesterday:

sandy squirrel hurricane

sandy the squirrel with hurricane

hurricane sandy and sandy the land squirrel

sandy the squirrel inside hurricane sandy’

squirrels hurricanes

And that was on top of seven generic Sandy Squirrel searches, which even for my apparent Spongebob porn magnet is a lot in one day.

And yet nobody ever searched for Hurricane Mini!

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fun in the freezer aisle

Who cares if the store’s closed!!!

What possesses people to go shopping in the middle of the night?  I mean, other than the polar bears?

The store I work at (a well known name in the retail industry that I will merely refer to in this blog as “Mecca” since that’s its nickname on my message board) is not open 24 hours.  However many other stores in the company are, especially stores that are Super Meccas, which my store became last year.  This flusters the hell out of people who can’t understand why they can’t go shopping after midnight.

Let us in!!! We want Febreze and Doritos!!!

Of course, my crew just happens to take break at the same time the store closes, midnight.  And one of my guilty pleasures is taking break outside, even though I don’t smoke and it may be 20 degrees, and politely informing the occasional latecomer that they better find a Walgreens to do their late night shopping.  About 90% of these poor souls will merely turn around and go without incident, but there’s always going to be the occasional wildcat who’s gonna get smartassy and pissy upon hearing the bad news.

Last night was a banner night, in that we had two lively ones within a couple minutes of each other.  Both drove up to the door first to peek inside and see if it looked like we were open (completely ignoring the prominent sign that shows our store’s hours) before selecting a space in the mostly empty parking lot and trudging on up.  The first lady started letting go with all kinds of ridiculous statements, the most puzzling of all being, “Well if you’re closed, then why are you all out here!?!?”

Stupid ass Answer: Because the fire marshal and the Illinois State Legislature doesn’t approve of smoking even in closed stores.

The second guy was also a piece of work, because the first thing he blurted out after I dashed his dreams for the night was, “Well, your website says you’re open 24 hours!”  Hey, even a big company like Mecca can make a mistake or have a disgruntled IT guy, so I checked out our website when I got home.

7 :00 am – 12 :00 am
7 :00 am – 12 :00 am
7 :00 am – 12 :00 am

Go home and cry in the beer you’re not going to be able to buy now.

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I can’t even draw with a cat on my shoulder.

I really can’t believe I didn’t make a post about this yesterday, as this Google Doodle of Bob Ross was brought to my attention by my message board friends, and was featured on a handful of other blogs I visited yesterday.  Back in the day, The Joy of Painting was mandatory viewing for me and my sisters…. even if we only watched regularly to mock ol’ Bob.  But I admired his talent and obvious love of nature… any friend of squirrels is a friend of mine!

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The best part of waking up….

I changed my Potpourri category on this blog to “Squirrel Droppings”, just to be cute….

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And lastly, I did a little something special for one of my fellow sciurine blogger friends yesterday.  I invite you to check it out for yourself at The Pensive Squirrel’s blog.  Over there is a wonderful story being told in a unique way, and it is one of my favorite blogs that I follow (You can find the link by clicking on the inquisitive little squirrel gazing at you from the list of my “Squirrel Approved Blogs”)….


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5 Responses to Randomly Thrown Apples

  1. gentlestitches says:

    I wonder what wise little Sponge Bob would have to say. One thing for certain he would love Mini.

  2. gentlestitches says:


  3. Aww ES…you had me giggling hard! I love that doodle of Bob Ross…he had to be the “happy”-iest guy in the world! I combed through all of the photos I have for some squirrel shots but they must be stored someplace else 😦 I do have a couple of chipmunk pics though…Squirrel cousins??? LOL! Loved the poolboy too…purrrr….

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