The View From The Top

I'm master of my domain!

I’m master of my domain!

Squirrels have a unique point of view on the world that we humans don’t often get to experience.  They can climb to the very tops of trees and get a panoramic view from a hundred feet up sqturday squirrel logoin the air.  The sights you could see from the highest branch of that tree in your yard that can’t be taken in from ground level…

Sometimes, though, even squirrels like to think small.  Here we see a cute little fella who decided to leap up into my empty birdbath and look out on his kingdom from just a couple feet in the air.  Maybe he is calling out to his fellow squirrels and preparing to deliver an inspirational speech, or perhaps he’s just trying to figure out where he buried that nut back in September.  Either way, this sciurine seems to be just chillaxing and taking in the sights of the sunny side of the yard from the shade.  Perhaps he wishes he had his squirrelfriend by his side to enjoy the edge of the birdbath view with him.

Smile, my friend!  You just made this week’s Saturday Squirrel!

OMG!!!  Really!?!?

OMG!!! Really!?!?

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the view!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to The View From The Top

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    First they take over the bird feeders, now the bird baths. Next, you’ll have squirrels that can fly like a bird.

    Oh, wait…

  2. thomasgable says:

    Neat shots of these squirrels! And funny writing! Thanks for posting!

  3. merbear74 says:

    “Hear ye hear ye…tonight, we feast on these delish nuts!!”

  4. Yay! Love your neighborhood squirrels. I will have some pictures for you of our squirrels after this weekend. They’re all snow shots. Poor cold squirrels. I wish I could knit them all mittens. How stylish they would be!

    • Woohoo!!!!!! I’m looking forward to those!

      I might be able to get some snow pics tomorrow if both I and the squirrels are so inclined. We didn’t get much snow, but it’s so cold, what little there is ain’t gonna melt anytime soon…

  5. acuriousgal says:

    Oh no….you’ve discovered their lookout tower(birdbath)

  6. Blue62 says:

    It’s definitely an awesome view from the top of a tree- one of the best parts of my job is swinging around in a big old oak or sugar maple, playing the “orange squirrel”

  7. gentlestitches says:

    What fabulous photos. He looks like he is posing for the camera. Perspection both from a physical and metaphoric view are really interesting concepts. How different everything appears from s different angle. 🙂 Great post.

    • Thanks! There was something that struck me about this picture with the squirrel looking out the birdbath from that angle. It really triggered the imagination, and that’s kind of what I’ve turned my Saturday Squirrel feature into… finding interesting takes on what might otherwise just seem like ordinary squirrel pictures!

  8. youngatfifty says:

    ha ha !! he got you there hasn’t he 😉 looking you straight in the eye !!! Love these shots.

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