Adios 2019

Get lost, Old Man ’19.

They always say you should never feel guilty for neglecting your blog when the other joys and sorrows of life intervene…. and while I agree with that on principle, it’s not something I end up following in practice.  I like to be counted on to do my regular things, and when I can’t it bothers me… and that’s what this past week and a half has all resulted in… me not being able to carry on with ANY of my usual routines.  Ever since this disaster of a plumbing project (which is STILL not complete) cropped up just before Christmas to bite me in my furry ass, it has tried every last bit of patience I don’t have… and left me a stressed out, sleep deprived mess.

Something like this…. if I were a girl.

Yesterday in particular had me so wound up, I wasn’t online at all… and that never happens.  Another extended session with the workers in hopes that I would finally get a working bathroom for the first time in a week was made more grueling by the fact that the mental and physical toll of this project has gotten Ody really sick.  While he is looking somewhat better today, I was very worried about his health yesterday… even going so far as to try to take him to an emergency animal clinic after the plumbers left around 3:00 (The door that clearly said “24 Hour Emergency Entrance” was locked tight.  Fucking holidays).  My vet isn’t back in the office until Friday, and I’m going to try to get him an appointment when I pick up some more syringes there tomorrow…

I’m not one of those people who thinks pets are children, but it breaks my heart to see him so icky.

So whether I was sacrificing my cat’s health to make sure I didn’t have to wait until Thursday to be able to enjoy a working toilet again weighed pretty heavily on my mind.  And while I got my toilet…. after getting back from my failed attempt to get Ody seen, I came home to find a flooded bathroom because the water supply line to the toilet sprung a leak.  Thankfully, I was able to shut it off… but…… well, just fuck 2019.  While I’ve had many worse individual events happen in my life, I’ve never before had to endure the chain reaction of fuckery that’s been the final two weeks of this year.

See if I ever reminisce about you…

While I shouldn’t… I regret that I haven’t been able to post two of my annual features… my NYE look back at the “Best of The Nest,” and even moreso, my New Years Day search term roasting, the Sandy Awards.  Both of those will be made up at some point in time once (or IF) things settle down… though thanks to the search term pipeline slowing down to a trickle early last year, the Sandys won’t be the overwhelming extravaganza they usually are.  Still… I just wanted to fill everyone in on what’s happening in my fun little world, and that I do intend to still honor my unwritten commitments to distract and entertain my wonderful readers…

Who wrote this crap? There’s too many big words!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Adios 2019

  1. Wow! I wish you a very quick change of fortune!

  2. All I can say is 2020 is BOUND to be better – things were “in the toilet” at the end of 2019 (so to speak) but that’s almost over with and we wish you Merry Flushing in the new year and may your pipes be clear for years to come. Seriously – you have been missed – where else can we get a healthy dose of Squirrel ??? Nowhere!


  3. beth says:

    2020 has to be better

  4. Rivergirl says:

    Oh hell. What an awful way to end a year….
    Sorry about the plumbing nightmare, no toilet isn’t the least bit funny. But a sick pet with no available vet is heartbreaking. And to those who think they aren’t our family members? I don’t want to know you.
    Please keep us updated. I’m sending all the positive healing vibes I can muster.

    • Thanks! I think I’ve finally seen the last of the revolving door of workers who’ve been having a blast upending my home. Now to hope the cat gets better after seeing the vet tomorrow…

  5. Gawd. I’m not going to write any of the many responses that spring to mind. Because they all smack (to me) of smarm, and I try diligently not to taunt the Squirrel when the Squirrel has had more than its fair share of bad news. Here’s hoping that kitteh improves and that you find a vet who still has some kind of conscience. Those $!#& that advertise 24/7 EMERGENCY pet care (and feel free to charge accordingly) have no business closing their doors for anything less than the end of the $#!*!!! world. I’d be screaming at someone in charge there for that faux pas. Usually they at least give a number to call the vet on call in such situations. 😡 Damn. Here’s to a much better year this year!! We’ll be waiting to read when you’re ready to write…

    • You know, although I’ve heard that term “smarm” lots of times before… I had to look up what it actually meant. And I think that’s what my pathetic attempts at expressing sympathy sound like too… which is why I usually just say nothing. No prob. The place I was referred to answered my call at 9 AM, and when I explained to them I didn’t know how late it was going to be before I could get there (without kicking out the plumbers and my shot at getting a working shitter before the holiday hit), they said someone would be there to answer the phone all day. But no, it was just their emergency answering service… so I made the drive there and found it locked up tight. God forbid something happens on a shit-ass, made up holiday like New Years or the night before…

  6. Merbear74 says:

    I had that major flood two days before New Year of 2019 because of the electric company broke a water pipe. The only good thing to come out of that was a nice check from the utility company…
    2019 can suck a fatty. One of the worst years of my life…1986, 2015 and 2019.

  7. ghostmmnc says:

    Oh poor Ody! I hope he’s feeling better. You should always be able to count on those emergency vets – that’s what they are there for. Our fur babies are the most important to us.
    Hope your house will be back to normal soon.

    • Thanks. Ody’s still hanging in there, though not quite as good today as yesterday. But he should at least get seen tomorrow afternoon. It looks like the work is finally done… but I still got a lot to do to get things back to normal around here…

  8. So sorry to hear Ody is ailing and things just aren’t getting quickly resolved. I’m not a fan of plumbers but 24 hour vets who close up even during the holidays may be a close second. Do those posts when you can if you still want. We’ll still all be here waiting with bated breath and rooting for Buster to enjoy a few days of non-violence.

    • I need one of those “stress pillows” in the shape of Buster I can whack around in times like this. And maybe use it on the plumber with 36 years of experience who apparently didn’t hook the water line up to my toilet tight enough Tuesday (that turned out to be the problem with that!)…

  9. I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time and poor Ody. You are the SECOND person today who had a sick animal and went to the emergency vet — who was locked up tight. I’m hating my vet since the once I liked left, so I’m trying to figure out what to do. Bonnie has a lot of issues and starting with a new vet?

    I hate them all. Vets, doctors, hospitals, plumbers, carpenters and contractors as a whole. I’ve had terrible luck with them and the idea of having work done in my house make me queasy.

  10. Aww poor Ody, I sure hope he’s feeling better. Hey my fur baby (Charlie) is just as much my kid as the three I actually gave birth to. So when the pets we love dearly feel under the weather it hits us hard. Hope he gets better soon Evil.

  11. a1mamacat says:

    Oh dear, I hope my Sweet Ody is feeling better. Aunt Saucy is sending all her kittywellness wishes his way.

  12. Poor you, poor Ody. I hope he is better, and you,too. One problem more, your blog drops every day out of my reader.
    Wishing you better days!

  13. Oh no Ody. Dear sweet kitty! A few months ago my cat Oscar was attacked by something large on a Saturday and nobody would take him. I had to drive 20 miles with a howling cat in the car. I hope Ody is doing better and can get all of his issues taken care of.

    Sometimes I wish there was more room in my basement to bury all of those… unpleasant annoying things. And why is plumbing always temperamental AF? It isn’t like it is something new (ask the Romans.) In my old house we replaced the kitchen sink and discovered it had been plumbed with outdoor sprinkler parts. I kid you not. And that house passed an FHA inspection. Jeeze.

    Hope 2020 is wonderful for you and all of the woodland critters and kitties. As always I’m looking forward to the Contest of Whatever. I love to see what everyone comes up with.

  14. draliman says:

    I hope Ody is feeling better and that you managed to get him to the vet. I guess as far as 2020 goes, the only way is up…

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