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A couple weeks ago, one of my loyalest followers gentlestitches included my humble little nest as one of the blogs she nominated to pass along the 2012 Blog of the Year Award.  Since I’ve been a bit distracted lately, I haven’t had time to give it a proper acceptance post until now…. and I figured I better get that out of the way before someone nominates me for the 2013 Blog of the Year Award….



Now now now, don’t get all excited.  It’s not the Nobel Prize for Blogging or the Good Housekeeping Seal.  But it does mean that someone out there really likes me, and that I in turn should spread the love to some of the blogs that I regularly follow.

I haven't gotten a gold star since I was in first grade!!!!

I haven’t gotten a gold star since I was in first grade!!!!

The award allows you to collect as many as 6 stars each time someone different nominates you for the BotY12.  I’ve already decided that while I’ll gladly acknowledge any further nominations I may or may not receive, I am not going to update my star count.  Why?

bon appetit

The chef would like his nose ring back if you find it in your meal.

Because this isn’t a 6 star blog, and I don’t want anyone thinking this is some kind of high class joint.  Those of you who read my writings and look at my drawings know what I mean… The Nest will never be confused with The Ritz, and I want it to stay that way!  Therefore, I will happily advertise myself from now on as a 1-star blog that wouldn’t even rate a coupon in the back of one of those AAA travelers books.  This is a down-to-earth, don’t bother taking off your shoes, let ‘er rip kind of hangout.  The quality inspectors wouldn’t even log on to this place in a hazmat outfit….


You won’t find any possums on any of those stuck up, fancy schmancy, uppity six star blogs!

If you click on the Blog of the Year link I gave in the first paragraph, you’ll find the rules that go with an honor like this.  They’re pretty simple, unlike those that came with the Liebster Award and essentially involve just three requirements:

1. Linking back to the original award description post (check)

2. Thanking the blogger who gave nominated you for the award (forthcoming)

3. Nominating your favorite blogs to pass along the award to (ditto)

Being a one star outfit around here, as well as someone who can’t even come up with a timely acceptance post, I’m going to skirt one of the requirements and am not going to worry about notifying my nominees.  That’s not really what the comments section of blog posts was meant for, and besides, since I know my nominees all read my blog as well as I read theirs, there should be no need for additional notification.  If you see your blog listed below, consider yourself nominated by moi!

And the 2012 Blog of the Year Award nominees from the one-star Evil Squirrel’s Nest blog are….

drum roll

Drum roll please, Hottie…

Gentlestitches – There is no stipulation in the BotY12 rules that you can’t nominate the blogger that nominated you, so in appreciation for her bestowing this fine one-star award on my squirrel haven, I hereby give my Aussie aunt the go ahead to add another star to her wonderful blog!  YAY!

Betsy Norman – SQUIRREL!

Dog For David – The touching saga of a mother’s quest to obtain a service dog for her autistic son.

Normal For Norfolk – We share a love of squirrels and rainbow donkeys… who knew?

Verbatim Gibberish – Sean’s dose of sarcasm is usually good for cracking me up.

Dalton’s Art – I love her artwork!  If you scroll back to her October 1 post, you’ll probably see how I stumbled upon her place.

Life Intensity – I think Vengeance may be the only one of my followers I’ve ever inspired to draw a squirrel!

The Pensive Squirrel – Enjoying the nut-free life!

The Vampire Maman – This is a very beautifully written blog that will totally change your perception of vampires.

Pissed Off in Paradise – Leila cracks me up… and even gets mentions in my comic!

Tana Lopez – Awesome photography!

Calling of the Heart – Stories of the heart and mind.

Sparky Spitfire – This kitteh doesn’t like squirrels, but I just know she has a special place reserved for ES.  Hopefully not on the stove….

Spineless Wonders – The adventures of Cyril and Willy!

Three Hundred Sixty Five – After almost 130 days, Fransi still comes up with something insightful to blog about every morning.

Views From Sue – Someone else out there likes squirrels!

Squirrel Sciuridae – Another fine blog dedicated to squirrels.

The Beard It Speaks – Real men love beards and squirrels.

Knocked Over By A Feather – Spreading some love to one of my more recent followers.

Jeneral Insanity – She nominated me for my Liebster, so now it’s time to return the favor

Lady Or Not – Naughty, bawdy and fun!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Blog of the Year!

  1. normalfornorfolkblog says:

    Yay!! Me again??? Gosh, we are turning out to be like the…Oh, I don’t know..(insert names of male and female actors who win lots of stuff and turn up at every awards bash…) Of the blogging world, aren’t we? But that’s probably because we are fricking awesome (and so modest!). I’m going to go all Downton Abbey now and start demanding pay rises now or i’m off to hollywood…..*mwah* *mwah*

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Well you see, now you know for sure that I read EVERY word. Thank you very much. Most kind of you. I will do the follow-the-rules thing, but had to thank you now as well. Personally I think you can still be a ‘joint’ and have more than 1 star. Maybe in your case we could change the stars to nuts. Squirrels love nuts, so I’m sure your pals would be fine with it. Thanks again. I will get this on my blog soon.

  3. Aww ES, I’m gonna have to get out the lipstick again… only this time I’ll wear it and give you big smooches 😀

  4. paulheels says:

    Heyyyooo! Preciate the holler! Thank you.

  5. gentlestitches says:

    OMG! What will I wear? I don’t want to clash with the red carpet. Thanks for the star.
    your little Aussie Aunt.

  6. mskatykins says:

    Many congratulations, my friend, this is a very well deserved accolade! 🙂 Thank you so much for the very kind shout out! I totally respect your reasons for keeping just one star although I’m in no doubt you’d get more than 6! I would quite like to fill my empty stars, purely for OCD reasons! HA! 🙂

  7. dogfordavid says:

    Thanks E.S. : ) I appreciate both the shout out and the award. : )

  8. Sparky Spitfire says:

    oh my cod! i am so excited! and honored! and i am so going to eat you if i find you, but until then, fanks.

  9. fransiweinstein says:

    I feel stupid, but I have to ask. How are we supposed to let our bloggers know we’ve picked them? Can’t send them an email. Do you have any idea? I know you chose to let us ‘find out’ by reading your blog, but I have a couple of picks who don’t subscribe to my blog. Any suggestions?

    • Well, if you want to make sure they know, then really the only route to go is to leave a comment on their blog about it. I chose not to for my own reasons, but that doesn’t mean anyone else has to follow suit.

  10. Daltonsart says:

    You score phenomenally high in the kind-o-meter. Seriously, Thanks so much!! : )

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