Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #35 — 12/27/12

This was not the idea I had originally planned to run today, but that’s because I got some last minute inspiration from one of ES’s biggest fans, Fransi!  You can see what I’m talking about in the comments section of this post (The post itself is well worth reading as well!)  Just as my message board inspired ES’s doings for many years, now my blog readers are doing the same…. and I love it!  Thanks Fransi, and I hope you enjoy the result!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #35 — 12/27/12

  1. The book is a nice touch 😉

    I still haven’t been able to find the wrapping paper I bought 3 years ago,lol.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    HaHa! I LOVE it. I AM one of ES’sbiggest fans, you’re right about that. I’m going to print this out. Thank you. Proud to have inspired you. That’s what I think I love most about WordPress. We inspire each other. ES inspires me, too.

  3. dogfordavid says:

    this was great! 🙂 lol

  4. HaHa and the squirrel version of the book every one is talking about and I haven’t read. even funnier!

  5. vengeance4 says:

    I think my mom has one of those closets. But it’s full of sheets. Baha. Meanwhile, I’m looking at my new bright pink furniture I had no room for but bought because IT WAS ON SALE.

  6. pishnguyen says:

    HA!! Yep, we have this problem at our house, too. Except — my problem is that I’ll buy the paper on sale after Christmas and, then, decide that I don’t like it that much any more by the next time Christmas rolls around. So I end up buying new paper. This year, I skipped the clearance wrapping papers. If I’m going to pay full price next year anyhow, why bother? LOL

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