The sweet, innocent one!

Angel Squirrel stands out like Angela Lansbury at Da Club in the ES universe.  Sweet, innocent, naive, and pure as the unyellowed snow, she is quite different from most of the rest of my characters.  How she can constantly thwart the bad influences of her good friends Evil and MBRS and maintain her unspoiled reputation is a testament to her angelic personality and her squirrely heart of gold.

Angel came into being back in October 2009 when one of my friends on the message board posted a photo his sister in Geneseo, IL had taken of a white squirrel that was attracting a lot of local attention.  Always looking for a way to add some fire to the ES/MBRS dynamic, I drew up a new avatar that featured my first design of my white squirrel character…


You don't wanna cross MBRS!

The most striking difference of course is the hair.  Gray?  What was I thinking?  Grandmama Squirrel?  I finally drew a larger rendition of the character, changed the hair to light blue, and offered her up to the board for a name, since they had named just about all of my other characters to date and naming seems to be one of my creative weaknesses.  It didn’t take long for a poster named Saucy to note that she looked like an Angel, which I immediately added to the pic and threw in the heart with wings tattoo to fit her new monicker…

Nothing says sweetness and innocence like a crooked smile!

Hi there! I just woke up 5 minutes ago, and I don't do sweet and innocent until I've had my coffee.

Angel has two primary roles in my drawings.  Obviously, she serves as the naive straight squirrel when paired up with the wilder MBRS.


But she also stands out for her overall cuteness on her own, much more than any of my other creations.  Angel is probably my biggest solo star of all….

Angel in the snow!

Yes, a snow Angel!

I’ll probably do a future post exploring why both of these roles work so well with Angel… but for now, there’s the lowdown on the good squirrel of the gang.  ES, MBRS, and Angel are by far my three most popular and most often drawn characters, but there are many, many more supporting actors in this series, and I’ll soon introduce some of the larger and smaller ones in the future here at The Nest….


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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