Separated At Birth?


My characters who have all been around for years have developed quite interesting personalities throughout the life of my artwork.  They generally start as some kind of stereotype, developing more in-depth traits as they appear more often in avatars, drawings, stories, etc.  It obviously wouldn’t surprise me that there are many people out there who could classify themselves as being like any one of my creations.  There are many naive innocents out there just like Angel, unashamed skanks out there like Skanki, devilish little troublemakers like ES or Buster.  Even the characters that were inspired by real people, like Hooly and Hottie, no doubt have plenty of other matches out there.  While everyone is truly unique, there are still generalized personality types we can all be slotted into.

laker socks

Well, most of us can anyway....

So when one of the ladies on my main internet home made a short, cryptic post about MBRS and Aubrey O’Day (from the current Celebrity Apprentice edition) being twins separated at birth, my first thought was obviously that O’Day fit into her personality mold.  Being the original brazen wild child of the modern ES world, MBRS is even more associated with the skankier side of the tracks over on the message board than I tend to portray her here.

Digression: One of my all time favorite comments involving MBRS on my forum was made by Sliver (aka Ms. Camaro) three years ago.  In one of those winding discussions that had nothing to do with the original topic itself, MBRS being associated with adult novelty shops came up, and Sliver uttered this classic line: “If there were a Rodent of Love Bus, MBRS would be on it, flashing her tatters and looking for tequila.”  Of course, if you didn’t connect that to the erstwhile VH1 reality fare “Rock of Love Bus”, or are even familiar with that past show (and don’t feel bad if you aren’t), you probably won’t get how wonderfully descriptive that comment is…

And most reality shows, even those where you’d think the skank role wouldn’t be necessary, usually cast it anyway.  Probably even on Toddlers and Tiaras.  Now I am pop culture ignorant enough to have never heard of Aubrey O’Day before I saw the twin comment this past Monday.  I don’t know anything about her, and I certainly don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice (or much else on TV for that matter).  When I went to check Ms. O’Day out on Google, I saw many pictures of a blonde chick pop up, who may or may not fit the MBRS role, but certainly wouldn’t make me think of her no matter how vivaciously wild and carefree their persona happened to be.

Ah, but Google is a look into the past, and as it turns out, Aubrey O’Day is no longer sporting the blonde look.  Another member posted a more recent pic of her after I noted my request for enlightenment on the MBRS/O’Day comparison.  Aha!  So she’s now a redhead!  According to her own blog, she just made the color change just a few months ago in late September.  Now the twin comment is all starting to make even more sense.

Everybody Hates Hooly.

But when I decided to add an image of MBRS to go with the redhead Aubrey pic posted, that’s when things started getting really creepy!  I focused on my most recent drawing of MBRS, which was the design I used to create the Personality Bling that featured her character.  I put the two drawings side by side, posted them in the same thread as the original “separated at birth” comment, and…. well, take a look for yourself…


If Aubrey were ever interested in becoming a cartoon squirrel, that would be just what she'd look like!

Not only is it the bright red hair, but those bright green eyes and even her darkish, I’d daresay Snooki-ish orange tinted skin make her nearly a dead ringer for the one known as Miss Beautiful Red Squirrel.  And of course it helps that the poses in both the photo and the drawing are quite similar.  Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of gifted artist, and even if I were trying to draw a character to look like someone, it would fail miserably.  But I can’t get by just how wonderfully perfect these two images go together!

And as for the personality…. well, as I said before, I really know nothing about Ms. O’Day’s persona because I didn’t even know who she was until a few days ago.  I read over her Wikipedia page and peeked in on her blog which is linked from there, but since this was a comparison borne out of her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, the only way to truly find out how valid a personality comparison is would be to actually watch the show itself.  Nahhh.  From what I can read of Aubrey, she seems to be a real free-spirited wild thing, and not necessarily in the negative light that type can have cast on them.  And really, that kinda sums up MBRS as well.  She’s just a squirrel out in the world looking to have a good time and enjoy life, and if that is how Aubrey O’Day would characterize herself, then I’d say she is a perfect match for the red-furred one.

i kissed a squirrel

And some even say Aubrey might be one who would kiss a squirrel....

And given the mysterious ways in which the internet works, should Aubrey O’Day herself happen to come across this post and read of my comparison of her to one of my characters, I hope she can see that it is all in good fun, and obviously MBRS isn’t trying to be a kopykat.  But if Aubrey just happens to also have a red heart tattoo on her left hip, then I’m officially starting up my own psychic network….

I foresee a stalking charge in your future!

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