Share Your World – Week 158

And now the Fleischmann’s Yeast musical hour presents, live from WESN studios, a concert with Justin Bieber and his swing band!

On this day, January 13, 1910, an opera concert from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York was aired live over the radio to….. well, probably no one since nobody had radios at the time.  But it’s credited with being the very first public radio broadcast ever, launching radio as a medium that despite being obsoleted numerous times over the next 110 years, is somehow still a viable way for music, entertainment and information to be broadcast to the masses.  Many of us in the pre-internet age picked up most of our knowledge of music from listening to the radio, and consequently, radio had frequently been the subject of pop music over the years for everyone from Queen to Wall of Voodoo to Everclear.  And to think, that all started with a few tenors and fat ladies in viking horns…

Radio’s not over ’til the fat lady sings…

And now it’s time to tune our FM dials to Melanie’s blog and answer her Share Your World questions for this week!

80’s album cover art in honor of good ol’ KWK and KHTR…

Who do you think is an example of a successful person?

Admiral James Stockdale.  Not only is he an American war hero, but he wound up being accidentally chosen as a Vice Presidential candidate for my favorite ticket of all time and in glorious fashion delivered the greatest quote in US pop culture history…

The Nest will always look up in awe at your success, Admiral…

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing?

Because the nerve impulses sent by my brain to the rest of my body are creating electrical reactions that are moving my muscles to force me to do what I’m doing.  No matter how much I think I might be in charge of my body, make no mistake that my brain is the one that’s truly in command…

This doesn’t apply to you, Scarecrow. Some puppeteer’s probably got a hand up your ass…

What is your personal theme song?

Two’s a crowd on my cloud, baby….

What do you think about tofu?

I couldn’t even identify tofu if you put that nasty ass shit in front of me.  As George Carlin once alluded to, just the names of some foods are unappetizing and just scream “YUCK!”

Keep your tofu to yourself, squirrel!

Where did you find bliss this past week?

Right next to its partner, Ignorance, as usual….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Share Your World – Week 158

  1. I’m glad the fat lady is still there and video didn’t kill the radio stars ;O)

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I miss your weekly comics. I was just researching Stockdale. His take on optimists rings true with me.

    • I miss the finished products, but I don’t really miss the process of making the comics. I do realize after all this time they were definitely a blog favorite… but sadly, that ship has sailed and hit an iceberg.

  3. The evil yellow snow……it’s everywhere……even when there isn’t any snow. Obviously if Rainbow Donkey had just had ONE MORE BREWSKI he might have finished his name…..oh well.


  4. Kismet says:

    Since you don’t want me to eat tofu, I’ll have the fried squirrel.

  5. Thanks for Sharing Your Imaginative World E.S.! I’m glad someone explained the strip, ‘cos I admit that was right over my head (just glad that clouds don’t leak!) You’re not alone in your distaste for solidified soy product stuff that tastes of nothing and has a texture like rotten fruit. I will admit to liking it myself, in certain situations like Miso soup. Wouldn’t be Miso without tofu….. (heh) .. The quote you used for your successful answer was great! I’d never heard of that guy, but he sounds like he has/had more common sense than the candidates over the past decade did, combined! And more brains it goes without saying. Excellent share! Have a great week and keep that tofu away from your squirrely friends. I hear it binds them up something awful…

    • Stockdale was Perot’s running mate in 1992, probably the last time we’ll see an independent or third party candidate make a legitimate run at the White House, sadly in my opinion. Stockdale was well in over his head, but he took it all in stride and made that excellent opening quote at the debate. God bless him!

  6. Hahaha. 😀 Ignorance is definitely bliss!

  7. Willow Croft says:

    The Metropolitan Opera still airs the opera on the radio! True story! (And I love tofu. Also true! ahahahhahaha!)

  8. draliman says:

    I keep meaning to try tofu to see if it’s as bad as everyone says it is. Maybe a load of hot sauce could make it edible?

  9. Hmm, no offense intended, but I often wondered if the good Admiral was rowing with just one oar in the water. 😈

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