Art For The Masses!

thomas kinkade evil squirrel is not

It’s a cause for celebration!  For the first time since I opened up my Evil Squirrel’s Nest store on CafePress at the beginning of the year, I have sold something to a perfect stranger!!!  Yes, my friends on my forum have been kind enough to patronize me and scarf up merchandise featuring their favorite internet characters they watched grow up before their very eyes.  And dear old mother has been a valued customer as well.  But when I logged into my account this morning and checked the sales report, expecting to see another “SORRY” message, I not only found a single item sold, but that the buyer wasn’t anyone I knew!  It was a milestone I’ve long been waiting for!

And just what was it that was purchased?


freezing in hell

Get out your mittens, Devil Kitty! ES finally has mass appeal!

I have to admit, the Devil/Angel keychain was one of my more clever ideas I came up with once I realized you could print on both sides of the keychain, and it isn’t really surprising to see it was the first thing I sold to the non-ES audience.  I think the concept more than the artwork was the ticket to a sale.  And to spend $9.50 for a keychain, I’m sure it was an add-on to a larger sale in order to use one of CP’s infamous Marketplace discounts.  But you won’t see my complaining!  I’m 95 cents richer thanks to some kind woman from New York…. and who knows, maybe others will see the keychain and want on themselves!  It is one of my items with this website printed on the design, though I have no idea if it would print clear enough to be read on the keychain….

But there is hope maybe one day I can rely on more than just my friends for a sale!

angel squirrel

The cutest little cash cow you’ll ever see…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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