The Prevert Test

squirrel shocked

I am all about running jokes and inside humor.  It is the lifeblood of my creativity, and while I may not be able to excel at creating something with mass appeal, I can do wonders within the confines of a selective audience.  I hoped to create a new dimension for my characters here that was not a product of my main internet group, and while I haven’t really achieved that yet, there is one little running joke that I have sprinkled throughout the 60+ posts I’ve made here over the past few months that I never get tired of referencing….

That of course would be the fact that this site continually draws people from all over the world who were looking for Spongebob and Sandy porn.

It always delights me when I see someone has stumbled onto my fine blog here via a search engine, and it amused me the first few times I saw the naughty Spongebob searches, which began appearing shortly after I posted the intro to MY Sandy Squirrel character in late January, and only increased exponentially in April when I discussed the role of sexuality in anthropomorphic art in a post titled “XXX Marks the Spot“.   However, it’s gotten so routine and so common to see the search terms pop up, that it’s gotten to be a bit boring….

But it also piqued my curiosity.  Does the Evil Squirrel’s Nest blog REALLY pop up high if one does a Google image search for explicit pictures of a sponge and a squirrel?

doctor sprots

Dr. Sprots analyzes the effect of the mange factor on our test searches.

OK, so I steeled myself, turned off the Safe Search, and entered the words “Spongebob Sandy porn” into Google…..

Dear God!

I have now gained a great appreciation for all those poor guinea pigs out there who have to do courageous things in the name of science.  Rest assured, there is no shortage of Spongebob porn out there on the interwebs, nor a dearth of risque pics of the other Sandy.  And let me tell you, the only thing more cringeworthy than looking at a regular picture of Sandy Cheeks is looking at how she is drawn by preverted fanboys out there who dream of sticking their seahorse into Sandy’s Krabby Patty.  I can appreciate a well-drawn picture of an nude anthro squirrel much more than most people can….. but apparently there isn’t much you can do with a homely squirrel girl in a diving suit…. even with all the sick imagination in the world.

finally see sandy naked

My sentiments exactly, boys.

So, after taking a moment to flush my eyes out with bleach and Fabuloso, let’s take another look and see where The Nest fits in to all of this.  I don’t see any of my pictures……

Oh wait, there on Page 2!  I almost missed it….

Keep the trash can on, dearie.

This is the picture of Sandy I swiped off the internet when I mentioned my Sandy’s namesake in the Intro post about her.  It does lead to my blog, and probably the only reason I noticed it at all is because it’s the only damn picture of Sandy that’s got any damn clothes on!

Scrolling through more nastiness, we finally find a familiar face on Page 5!

sandy squirrel

Hello, darlings!

This was the picture of my Sandy posing nude (but still decent) that I used to lead off my “XXX Marks the Spot” post.  The title of the picture is “sandy nude”, but it’s such a shame my prettier Sandy gets relegated to being buried under about 200 other images that calling them smut would be an insult to smut.

Any thoughts I had about testing different variations of the search to see if any images from this blog got ranked higher were all long gone by now.  Even the tame pictures that popped up are enough to give me daymares….

sandy spongebob wedding

It isn’t even interspecies dating…. I don’t know what the hell you’d call it, other than sickly, twistedly preverted.

Damn, I’m going to disappoint those Spongebob porno fans from South Africa once again…..

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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