Apocalyptic Bacon

The Mayans got it right, at least for this package of turkey bacon.

The Mayans got it right, at least for this package of turkey bacon.

Yeah, I’m probably still a few days away from returning to business as usual around here, but I did have time to do a quick post about what I had for “breakfast” this morning (When you work overnights, breakfast is essentially dinner, just as Tuesday is my Friday).  When I pulled this package of bacon out of the icebox (Yes, we still call fridges “iceboxes” around here) I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed the expiration date on it.  If you see this manufacturers code stamped somewhere on the earth, then maybe it will be time to worry…

And yes, it’s turkey bacon.  I don’t care if it’s real bacon or not, I love it better then the real thing, which can be like chewing on a rubber band if it isn’t cooked right.  Gobble! Gobble!


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11 Responses to Apocalyptic Bacon

  1. merbear264 says:

    If I buy that stuff, my family throws rocks at me.

  2. paulheels says:

    Turkey Bacon? Wow! This is just wrong. Bacon is the single greatest food. EVER!

  3. gentlestitches says:

    Wow! you have everything in America! We only have the non Apocalyptic porcine variety. : (

  4. Your Royal PITA says:

    You remember when Erin’s birthday is…?

  5. Your Royal PITA says:

    And I actually like rubber-band-y bacon, but I buy turkey sausage for the husband who wants sausage every day. Then there’s the smart-aleck son who commands; “Old woman, I demand your finest bacon!” on the weekends. Erin sticks to Cheerios. I bet her cholesterol is a negative number since she eats no meat and lives on Cheerios.

  6. mskatykins says:

    Oh no! I can’t stand Turkey Bacon – well it’s called Turkey Rashers over here! I don’t even know why I feel such an aversion to it, I think it’s because real bacon is just SO good! 🙂

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