Every 1’s A Winner

most valuable skunk

I kinda took a break from accepting blogging awards when I began to realize just how many of them were out there, and how quickly they can make their way to your doorstep.  Heck, over half of my posts the past couple months would be award acceptance posts if I took the time to officially acknowledge all of the ones my little blog has been “nominated” for.  That doesn’t mean I’m not honored and appreciative, it’s just that most of these blogging awards follow pretty much the same criteria, and it gets a little tedious at times to keep going through the motions….

Tea for two

Up, down, up, down, up, down….

I would like to take the time to mention a couple recent honors I’ve been presented.  First, a big thanks to Sean Sandulak, who was kind enough to make me the December winner of his Usual Suspects Award, which oddly enough, he seems to have created in response to the usual kind of awards that are passed around like STD’s, candy on WordPress.  I’ve been entertained by Sean’s hilarious posts since I began following him a few months ago, so I consider it a true honor that he finds me worthy of being his blog of the month.

Is he nuts!?!?  The content here is terrible!  Except for those pictures of me....

Is he nuts!?!? The content here is terrible! Except for those pictures of me….

Props also go to Pish, who recently nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I enjoy her Blog of Loveliness, and while I don’t want to go through the full award routine for the 347834733rd time, as a show of being a good sport, I will provide seven more interesting tidbits about myself, since I am my second favorite subject to talk about after squirrels…

And possums...

And possums…

1. Though I love popular music (and should have a music-themed post coming up very soon), I have never spent a dime on music in my life.  Never bought a record, cassette, CD, download…. I’ve never even bought a concert ticket before.  Most of the music I listen to is on the radio (Yes, I am old fashioned, and no, it is not a tombstone style radio ya whippersnappers!) or on the digital music channels my cable service provides.  If I want to hear something specific, I’ll find it on YouTube…

evil's angels

We will NOT play for you, you filthy cheapskate!

2. I still remember, 25 years later, a 24-character password to the classic Metroid video game for the original Nintendo gaming system (The good ol’ NES).  I entered it so many times back in the day trying to get past a certain stage, that it became hardwired into my brain.  If you have the console and the game, enter 3ty-y7 000001 IVDsW9 0000HF, and it will take you to Ridley’s Lair with 55 missiles…



3. I’ve been tracking bills on the website Where’s George? for 10 years now.  I have hits in all 50 states, two Canadian provinces, and 17 other countries.  Over 10,000 hits later, it’s still a fun little hobby of mine.

Where have I been?  Follow the mange...

Where have I been? Follow the mange…

4. I’m an amateur hoarder who has all kinds of silly little collections.  I have a tub full of old plastic cards (many not even mine), another full of business cards, another full of keys, I have a bookcase filled with souvenir baseballs, every package or envelope I’ve received from my message board friends is stacked up in my closet, and then there’s my massive squirrel collection.  The intervention will be in about ten years….


Not real squirrels, although that might be cool!

5. Trey Wingo from ESPN, Matt Winer from TBS, and Paul Goodloe from The Weather Channel all worked for the same TV station once upon a time in St. Louis, and they all happened to be there the year I did a brief meteorology internship there.  Paul’s a funny guy to be around, but his weather skills…..

What happened to Sunny and 72?

What happened to Sunny and 72?

6. In 8th grade, I was once the last kid left on my team in a game of dodgeball against seven others, and despite being the social misfit/last kid picked type, I was the last one left standing.  I fucking LOVED dodgeball!


And we used real balls too, not those sissy rubber ones. OK, maybe not bowling balls… we weren’t that badass at my school.

7. As you may have been able to tell from my comics and other content here, I absolutely despise the big social media sites, which is why I am not and never will sign up with one of them.  I’m happy just to have the small but loyal following I have here on this blog.  I’d rather have a handful of real fans and have some control over my little domain of cyberspace than just a gaudy looking number of “followers” and all of the junk they bring any day.  Thank you to everyone out there who enjoys my blog!  I really do appreciate you all!

Group hug time!!!

Group hug time!!!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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11 Responses to Every 1’s A Winner

  1. Very interesting post. The social networks look very “high maintenance” to me. The young people in my life said “don’t worry about them” when I started all this so I didn’t. Blogging seems more “real” to me like drawing, making music or sewing stuff. Congrats on your award.
    Aussie Aunt.

    • I agree with you! It’s funny how being “old fashioned” in the world of cyberspace means you are only a few years behind in the times… my 2006-issue cell phone gets called a dinosaur! Rawr!!!

  2. My first impression of your latest blog is, “How does he walk across the room with all those collections in baskets? Aside from the mobility issue, your home must be cozy and wonderfully comfortable filled with all the things you love to have around you.

    • LOL, most of the “baskets” are a couple sets of cheap Xmas tins I bought on clearance a few years ago, so they’re just piled up in a corner. I’ve got plenty of space……. for now! You know how us squirrels are with our shiny things!

  3. merbear74 says:

    I always enjoy your squirrel cartoons, so I give you the Awesome Squirrel Cartoon Award.

  4. dogfordavid says:

    Congratulations on the awards : ) and cool post 🙂

    Also congratulations on being the last one standing in Dodge ball. That’s not a simple task. And it adds icing on the cake when you were the last picked but you get to show everyone afterward how you should have been the first. ; )

    As far as social media, I both hate it and like but I will never love it. I have to admit it’s helping get the word out about my son’s and my blog and I also have found a couple of good support groups on there for Autism and homeschooling and for Ehlers Danlos. I limit my friends though on there. I don’t accept just anyone who hits the “friend request” button. To me, that’s nonsense

    • dogfordavid says:

      oh and on the dinasour comment, lol I get called that all the time. I listen to the radio, I still have both cds and cassette tapes, I still use a diskman (and would use my walkman if it still worked) and many other things. Yep, I definitely get called a dinasour a lot over here. lol Once, it was even by a radio dj who I called into when the question was about the oldest piece of technology in your home. I had the oldest by far and all I mentioned was my walkman. lol

  5. pishnguyen says:

    First of all … I have to say it:

    zOMG!! LOOKIT ALL THOSE POSSUMS! (and it really had to be said in all caps. sorry. :/ )

    You are way more interesting than I am. I loved reading your interesting facts list, which is what those awards should be all about, anyhow. (By the way, are those possums part of your collection? *.*) Thanks for being such a kind sport and listing all of those.

    I need to think up some really creative type of award for your blog. Perhaps “The Blog that Makes me Laugh the Most” award … or something. But that name is kinda too long, so guess I’ll have to keep working on it. Ha!

    • I wish they were part of my collection! Funny thing about that picture, another one of my followers (The Vampire Maman) uses that picture quite often, and I didn’t realize it the first time I posted it, which is kinda funny! It is so darn cute though….

      I will proudly hang up any unique award you can think up for me, with my Rainbow Donkey frame, of course! 😉

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