Snow Bunny!

What's up doc?

What’s up doc?

Unlike the squirrels in my neighborhood, the rabbits aren’t as skittish at the sight of people or annoying shutterbugs like me.  I got some good pictures of a bunny in my backyard last sqturday squirrel logoyear who let me stand just a few feet away from him.  I was going to use some of those pictures for the Easter weekend edition of the Saturday “Squirrel” until I had this surprise encounter with a wascally wabbit at the height of last Sunday’s thundersnow event!

I was photographing a brazen squirrel who was frolicking about in my front yard, damn the silly snowfall (I’ll probably use these pictures for a SatSqrl feature in the near future)!  While I was taking some pictures of him in a tree near my driveway, I heard a loud rustling from right below my feet in the flower bed.  I thought at first one of my cats bravely bolted out the door, but instead I brought my eye out of the camera viewfinder to see the lovely lapine you see above.  No doubt he was scouting out places to hide his Easter eggs for the following Sunday, and was wondering whether he’d have to make his Easter morning rounds in half a foot of snow….

Now I know why I color all these damn eggs!  Who could find a white egg in all of this?

Now I know why I color all these damn eggs! Who could find a white egg in all of this?

After about a two minute photoshoot, the Easter snowbunny didn’t have any more time to pose for my silly blog and scampered off back to his hole….. or, well, actually under my neighbor’s truck.

The thundersnow has melted, so it will be a green Easter this year.  But no fooling, there’s a chance of more snow on Monday!  Hope you packed your long johns for the excursion, Mr. Bunny….

Have a hippity hoppity weekend!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to Snow Bunny!

  1. mskatykins says:

    This is so fabulous! I don’t think I’ve ever seen rabbits in the suburbs of Glasgow. But where I stay on the Isle of Lewis, there are hundreds of wild rabbits that live in the castle grounds. This is a really impressive little character! 🙂

    • Yes he is! And probably a bit jealous of all the attention I give to my squirrels!

      • gentlestitches says:

        What great pictures of an amazing critter. We didn’t know you had Bunnies there. My son and his friend enjoyed looking at the rabbit too, particularly fascinating was the snow and I pointed out what I think is “wabbit twacks” around him?

      • Those are indeed wabbit tracks! Bunnies come in a distant second to squirrels as far as wildlife goes in my neighborhood, but I do see them once in a while!

  2. dogfordavid says:

    cute bunny and great pictures 🙂 we’re expecting snow again too on either Sunday or Monday. I have to admit I am ready for this to be over already. lol Bring on the green grass, sunny days, and colorful flowers for me. 😉

  3. Sparky Spitfire says:

    well, there goes dinner. oh well. hmmm, mebbe if i look around this bloggie I’ll find somefing else to snack on…don’t mind me…

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