Above Us, Only Squirrels

The evil eyes in the sky.

The evil eyes in the sky.

It actually got warm yesterday, warm enough for me to take my first walk down the bike trail in several months.  Of course I took my camera, always on the lookout for our sciurine sqturday squirrel logofriends, and they seemed to be enjoying the nice weather even more than I was!  I haven’t seen the neighborhood so alive with scurrying little furballs in a long time, and I got enough good pictures for a month’s worth of Saturday Squirrels posts!

I chose my favorite squirrel I encountered yesterday for this week’s featured guest of The Nest.  I was taking pictures of one squirrel scampering its way up a tree (away from me, of course), when I happened to notice there was a second squirrel already up in the tree.  This little showoff hippity hopped around until he wound up directly above me, on branches that I’m sure wouldn’t even hold the weight of a hummingbird!  Look at that thin little twig he’s perched on!  How does he do that?

So, are you a big fan of my scritchable squirrel underbelly, or are you just some kind of sciurine prevert?

So, are you a big fan of my scritchable squirrel underbelly, or are you just some kind of sciurine prevert?

As was shown off in a previous Saturday Squirrel photograph, our overhead taunter has once again positioned himself so perfectly balanced over the small branch, that his weight is distributed evenly enough to not send this acrobatic daredevil crashing to my feet.  While it’s easy to enjoy the acrobatic show a squirrel can put on when it does its trapeze act high up in a tree, it makes me appreciate their instinctive talent so much more to see pictures like this.  This wasn’t some carefully planned stunt that put him in just the right position to keep normal physics from taking over, it was just another impomptu “catch me if you can” arboreal dance by a squirrel containing so many dangerous jumps that would end up in an earthbound gymnast were it any other critter not pre-programmed to stick these landings and maintain these delicate balancing acts.  What an amazing creature the common squirrel is!

Our friend today didn’t want to hang out too long above me, maybe not having the ammunition to drop a poopbomb on my head, so off he skedaddled to thrill new audiences….

Farewell!  Don't forget it's OK to throw peanuts at the performers in this circus!

Farewell! Don’t forget it’s OK to throw peanuts at the performers in this circus!

Hope your high-flying weekend has the same beautiful weather that is expected here!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Above Us, Only Squirrels

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    He should inspire Cirque de Soleil.

  2. dogfordavid says:

    that’s so cool how he can balance like that so easily 🙂 great picture too! thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. pishnguyen says:

    It is so much fun watching them scurry around and balancing in the trees. And they do it with such giddy abandon. Somewhere in there is a life lesson for all the rest of us. 🙂

    • This is an actual comment from an article on squirrel appreciation from 2007 that I’v always used as the tagline on my Evil Squirrel ID on my message board:

      “Squirrels are the architects of forests, the planters of trees, nature’s own acrobats and show a zest for life that can inspire us. Every day should be National Squirrel Appreciation Day!” – squirrelmama

      It is so beautiful and true!

  4. merbear74 says:

    Can I use poopbomb sometime in one of my posts?

  5. gentlestitches says:

    Really great pics and are they blossoms? It is a very interesting looking tree. I would love to know what variety it is.

    • Those would be leaf blossoms… about 2 or 3 weeks later than usual for around here due to the extended cold weather. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is… I’m terrible at identifying trees even when they are fully leafed. The only reason I know my backyard tree is an oak is because of all the raining acorns. Next time I take a stroll that way, I’ll take a picture of the tree and maybe someone here can identify it.

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