Dog Hair

I could use a shampoo if you don’t mind.

Our New Years resolution here at The Nest remains the same as it has for the past five years.  Every Monday, we promise to bring you the best…. um, the greatest…. errr… the most interesting music to help you achieve your goals in 2019!  Yes, it’s time to open up that time capsule full of lost retro goodness we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  After a thirty week hiatus, the vault still has plenty of treasures to unearth.  DJ Scratchy’s found a classic buried in the dogpile that flunked out of obedience school!  Sorry Sponkies, this song is rated PG-13…

Nazareth may be best known for being the hometown of some famous cultist guy about two millennia ago.  But in the world of rock and roll, the name is known as a band from Scotland who made a small, but significant mark on the weird and wild time that was music in the 1970’s.  Oddly enough, Nazareth didn’t get their name from the Biblical source, but from the town of the same name in that Scottish mecca called Pennsylvania.

Why am I singing “Amish Paradise” to myself now?

Nazareth had more success on their side of the Atlantic than they did in the homeland of their namesake.  The crappy ballad “Love Hurts” is the only real hit they ever had in America, and a Top 10 hit that still drags down the quality of classic rock stations to this day.   If you can’t tell, I’m not exactly a fan of the song…

It’s almost as bad as the copycat song “Love Bites.” And THAT is really saying something…

“Love Hurts” came from the 1975 album Hair of the Dog.  Despite never being an official hit single, the title track from that album is one you may have possibly heard before.  It certainly has an extremely….. um, catchy chorus.  And no, it has nothing at all to do with canines or their fur.  You don’t have to be trying to recover from a hangover to enjoy the Nazareth masterwork “Hair of the Dog”…

Oh, fuck yes.  As cool as the cowbell and talkbox are, there’s an obvious reason this song is noteworthy.  You gotta love it when a rock song can work in an edgy refrain like that.  Sure Elton John, Billy Joel, Daryl Hall and even Neil fucking Sedaka may have worked the word “bitch” into hit 70’s songs… but no artist got more bang for the buck out of the B word than the boys from Pennsylvania Scotland.

There are going to be some knuckles smacked today for such language!

Son of a bitch is one of those phrases that when taken quite literally may not want to be what you refer to yourself as, like the singer in this song is.  What does that say about your mother, after all?  A fun fact regarding this song title is that it’s actually a play on that literalism.  The band was flat out rejected by their label when they suggested naming the song “Son of a Bitch,” so they came up with “Hair of the Dog” as a play on “heir of the dog”…. aka, a child of a female dog.  I’d never made that connection before and only learned about it while reading up on this song for today’s post…

Ooooh! The Dusty Vinyl Archive is so totally educational!

Please come back next Monday for another classy song from this son of a bitch…


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17 Responses to Dog Hair

  1. I love it… and there are much more real music instruments than just soundmachine off or on…

  2. That rocks alright – brings back a lot of memories – the cowbell was a staple in those days. LOL


  3. Whoa…I’m fully awake now! A co-worker of mine who’s office was next to mine was a big metal head and always goes see these guys when they do their small venue tours in town. I could only smile when she said she’s was going. I’d be buying up Ibuprofen bottles before I bought their tickets, but it is a catchy tune with the cowbell. 🐮

    • Moooooo!!!

      It is hard to believe this is the same group that did that wimpy “Love Hurts” song. You won’t need ibuprofen when they play that one… just some caffeine pills to stay awake.

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    Good song! Thanks for the information you found about it! 🙂

  5. Trisha says:

    My husband is a Nazareth fan and he drags Hair of the Dog out once in awhile. But I have always tuned Nazareth out to the point that I think of AC/DC when I hear this song. I’ve always wondered why I never find the Son of a Bitch song when looking through AC/DC songs! Thank you for clearing this mystery up for me and for sharing these interesting facts about Nazareth. Maybe I’ll start paying attention to them now.

    • It does sound a bit AC/DCish. It’s a good thing it’s not AC/DC though since, as we found out, they took all their good stuff off YouTube! Now you’ve got me meshing the two songs together, though, and thinking of hairy dog balls!

      • Trisha says:

        Lol! Now I’ve got to go to iTunes to listen to Big Balls to see if the two songs start to merge together in my head. I’m going to use my earbuds so Gary doesn’t start thinking about his missing dog balls. 🙂

  6. ody N biskit…..we had eee ess pea two day N just NEW nazareth waz gonna pop up when we saw
    dog hair….how could they knot….!!! ☺☺☺

  7. Love hurts all the way to the bank. And that is when I usually change the station. Thanks for reminding us of their other songs. Dan had such a great voice too bad most people only know the one song. Wow, that was a fun blast from the past. DJ Scratchy got it right again.

    • I don’t think I’ve heard Love Hurts in a while, but the 70’s station I listened to a long time ago that gave me my first real taste of the decade’s music used to play it all the damned time. That song has sucked from day one. It’s incomprehensible that this song could have been done by the same band…

  8. draliman says:

    What a clever song title. I never realised Nazareth were Scottish. There you go.

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