Play It Again, Scratch

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly fine to Bogart the muzak.

Still recovering from the shell shock of the most explosive Fourth of July the US has seen since John Hancock put King George III in a headlock?  Well, it’s Monday, and The Nest has just what you need to get that ringing out of your ears… because that’s the day we dig deep for a soft bomb out of that bomb shelter full of forgotten musical landmines we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy promises to play this week’s song without the accompanying pyrotechnics, while the Sponkies engage in a sword fight with their sparklers.  This grand finale won’t make you cover your ears (We hope!)…..

The late 70’s/early 80’s will always be one of my favorite eras in music for the simple reason that it was the period of time between Debby Boone and Michael Bolton that actually got soft rock right.  Sure, we like to rock out with screaming guitars and thumping drums… but sometimes, that lighter sound that defined adult contemporary 40 years ago is just what we need to soothe the soul.  And you didn’t need to look like a totally fake sex symbol to score on the charts back then.  In fact, you could have a Top 10 hit totally looking like this…

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Wearing 70’s style collars may be hazardous to your appearance.

That’s Bertie Higgins, one of the soft rock era’s many one hit wonders.  Yes, there’s only one song we know him for, but it’s a beauty!  Here’s Bertie’s 1981 #8 hit “Key Largo”…

Oh, that video is so awful…. but the tune, which really amps up for the choruses, is a classic I could listen to over and over again.  Who cares if it’s no longer politically correct to smoke on TV, or wear hideous outfits that would remind one of the Copa – Copacabana, or to sing romantically to a girl who is not only half your age, but a year under the line of legality, taking the line “Here’s looking at you, kid” much more literally…

I knew I shouldn’t have let this creep lure me into his boat with that candy…

Ah, such a great love song…. just like Bogie and Bacall showed us in the 1948 movie Key Largo on which the song is based.  Actually, they didn’t…. the film’s kinda dark and would be more likely to be a favorite of Zeeba’s than Mitzi’s.

We’ll play the DVA again next Monday…


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20 Responses to Play It Again, Scratch

  1. oooh that was a dream on song… we all were in bacardi rum mood and totally in “come on over have some fun…” sadly the most never came over and they will have no clue where key largo really is… but a sweet memory, as we had bacardi to get the feeling even when the sky was gray ;O)

  2. You’re right about that girl – she looks like she’s about 14 and he – well – doesn’t! Anyway, that was a nice song and I remember it well.


  3. beth says:

    it was the craziest 4th in my memory and these videos really take the edge off, these old ones are so fun to look back at again

  4. Wow. Her shirt is about as unflattering as anything I’ve ever seen in a music video. I think Bertie is younger than he looks in this video. Take away the beard and there is a baby face under there. If I’d been a boy there is a good chance I’d been called Bertie or any one of many variations on Herbert. That is my only connection to this mellow song. Makes me want to go to a warm beach and count the palm trees. Maybe not anytime soon but one day, again.

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Never heard this song, but it’s kinda nice. Mostly I was worried about them on the boat and wearing no life jackets. 🙂

  6. Great blast from the past Evil, well for me anyway.

  7. Ole Bertie was pretty “Rico Suave” wasn’t he?

  8. draliman says:

    You’ll be pleased to hear that I absolutely hated this song. Normality has returned, I was starting to quite enjoy far too many of your choices recently!

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