Share Your World – Week 88

I wasn’t going to move Ody off the stage, that would’ve been mean.

The two shelving units that tower behind my back don’t just hold the internet’s most fucked up critters, but I also have a small collection of product containers that have achieved a certain vintage.  One such classic is an old, empty can of Pringles that probably dates back to the early 90’s (It has a crude nutrition facts table on the back, and I’m sure that wasn’t required until about that time).  Anyway, earlier in the week, I just happened to catch sight of the can and noticed something about it that had eluded my keen eye all this time…. and which made me cringe!

While I make many misteaks mistakes myself when writing, the one very common grammatical error that stabs me like an ice pick through the brain every time I see it is the use of apostrophe-S in words that are meant to be plurals and not possessives.  The chips….. er, crisps (Pringles can not legally be called potato chips in the US) are “Pringles,” they do not belong to some guy named Pringle, who may or may not have a porn ‘stache and a bowtie.  I confirmed this by getting my current can of Pringles and noting that yes, there is no apostrophe anymore (Also, as you can see, packaging magically “shrinks” over the years while the price only goes up, something I notice all the time as a retail stocker).

Well, it turns out, the crisps may have actually started off as “Pringle’s” in that the name was inspired in such a way that they could be inferred as being possessive of someone named Pringle.  Who knew?  And now, of course, Pringle himself has been written out of the script because his name has become the common name of the crisps, so they are no longer his, and do not necessitate an apostrophe.

Dude, this post is giving me the “Munchie’s” Can we just get on with it?

Alright, here’s my as-brief-as-possible rendition of Melanie and Roger’s HP and non-HP Share Your World questions for this week

Turn ’em on end, and they’d be stacked like Pringle’s…

What happened to cause you to discover ‘bullies” were real?

My parents started listening to oldies music in the late 80’s, which gave me my 60’s music education…

Eavesdropping- When given the chance, how often do you eavesdrop?

Of course I do!  Cats aren’t the only curious creatures, and most humans enjoy straying into MYOB territory…

Ack! A peeping tomcat!

Escalators, at one time, were the ‘next big thing’. When was the last time you rode an escalator?

March 11th when I was at the casino.

Even I like to be lazy sometimes…

Have you ever ‘let’ someone win in a sports competition or a board game? How did it turn out?

No!  I don’t play games to let other people win, that’s not the point of a game.  I’d send an entire kindergarten full of five year olds crying to their mommies after kicking their ass at Candy Land…

YES! Yahtzee, bitches!!!

Do our fears start with our DNA?

Every species has innate fears.  It’s a survival instinct that we turn to even when the more rational part of our minds try to tell us we’re full of shit.  It’s so easy to manipulate people into fears we don’t even realize we have.  Hell, sweeps month local news stories exist on this basic principle…

Is your child’s pet unicorn really safe for them to be around? Tune in at 10:00…

If you could have your hair any colour for 24 hours, what colour would you choose?

Probably something based on one of my Shelf critters. Hmmmm….

Definitely the hedgehog on the right…

When do you think a person gets old?

I don’t know….. it Depends®.

They’re not for me, I’m buying them for my grandma!


I am grateful for all of the visible scratches I have on the left side of my neck and arm, from a cat who’s still learning how to sleep with a human who doesn’t want to be woken up every couple hours.  Not that being scratched out of a dead sleep is fun….. but it means Ody’s doing pretty well.

He’s going to get me while I sleep…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 88

  1. we agree… we play to win!!! and that the kindergarten task masterette said that others have the right to win too, I knew that this world is not fair, ha!

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Really fun answers for the questions! That Woolly Bully song – I always liked it. Years ago at a swimming place they had this song on repeat for hours! Never did get tired of it. 🙂

    • I guess that’s better than some of those amusement park ride songs that play over and over again, and make the people who run the rides insane. Maybe that was the only record they had!

  3. Thanks Bill for Sharing Your Wooly World with us today!! Love the albino squirrel ‘cameo’ too… that critter needs to be hired by SCT as a featured player….in my opinion which has nothing to do with the prices of Pringles (or Pringle’s CRISPS, which is the only way I can write that without my eyes bleeding. Thanks so much for the Thursday eye gouge, courtesy of crispy chips possibly named after a porn star, by the way. My ophthalmologist will be in touch about the bill…) Have the rest of a great nutty week E.S., you’re awesome!

    • The albino squirrel (dubbed Snowball, because, of course) only appeared in one short skit I did last year where she and the hedgehog played SCT groupies looking for autographs. Because, you know, my gang needed die hard fans…

  4. Being startled awake is one of the reasons Hubby won’t let me get a cat…or a dog…or anything that can’t be caged and put in the basement for the night. I miss kitty cuddles. It’s been years since I owned a cat. 😦

  5. franhunne4u says:

    “I am grateful for all of the visible scratches I have on the left side of my neck and arm, from a cat who’s still learning how to sleep with a human who doesn’t want to be woken up every couple hours.” Spoken like a true catman!

    • It’s in neither of our best interests to keep this arrangement up. I’m a restless sleeper, and Ody is just plain restless. He yelps when I roll over on his paws, and I yelp when I get clawed out of sleep. Hopefully I’ll get another cat soon so we can go back to “separate rooms”…

      • franhunne4u says:

        I am a restless sleeper, too, but I learned to sleep quieter when my cats settled around my legs (sadly the second cat had to be put down in 2017). I do not think I ever rolled on their paws – at least they were alert enough to avoid that. What could happen though was that I had one of those kicks – and that could sent the cats flying.

  6. Well I must say I’ve NEVER seen anyone so excited about picking up a package of Depends! She looks ecstatic! Gift for a friend? The gift that keeps on TAKING perhaps? Don’t remember seeing the hedgehog before but I do think your hair would be MAHVELOUS in multi-shades of pastel. Seriously – glad the Ody-man is feeling better…..some scratches are worth having when you get them from cat cuddling.


    • If you think she’s happy picking up those Depends, just wait until you see how thrilled she is to land some Preparation H! The hedgehog (and companion white squirrel) were featured in a one-off skit last year where they were adoring fans of the Theatre. And who wouldn’t be starstruck by the likes of Mitzi and Snuggle?

  7. draliman says:

    Very wise not to remove Ody from his Pringles or you’d have even more scratches. I’m glad he’s doing better!

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