Share Your World – Week 155

Sometimes the personalities just assign themselves…

With the end of the year coming, I’ve decided that it will be the perfect time to end my current SYW intro feature with a different shelf critter asking a new question… so there will be this one and one more next week where The Big Boss will get his chance to close things out.  But first of all….. Zac!

Zac was an estate sale treasure sent to me by the same person who thought I’d enjoy Chip and most of the Squirrel Children, and that big goofy grin on his face made no mistake that this little guy was going to be a happy fellow.  A very VERY happy fellow…

Sip on this scalding hot coffee for a while, freak!

When I offered up the name Prozac for him, it was longtime Nest follower Ally Bean who advised me I could shorten the name to Zac, which became his permanent moniker.  He’s become a minor recurring character in the Theatre, showing up to annoy the hell out of everyone with his overbearing giddiness and cheer.  It’s no wonder he’s been killed off almost as often as Buster has…

A SYW inspired by Zac…

We all have things that make us happy, but what makes you deliriously, giddily, tail wagging-ly happy?

He’s the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral…

And now for Melanie’s Christmas themed questions for this week!

I’ll have to save this one to use in June…

What is your least favorite holiday side dish?

Side dishes are for chumps!  That just leaves more TURKEY for me!!!!

Yummy in the tummy!

What is the ugliest or most tasteless decoration you’ve ever seen?

You can keep your reindeer poop and Santa buns sticking out of the chimney…. this is the Christmas decoration I despise the most….

Yeah, string that tuxedoed bastard up!!!

The folklore of Santa Claus is based at the NORTH Pole…. in the Arctic!

Penguins comes from Antarctica, near the SOUTH Pole…. in the (duh!) Antarctic!!!

Penguins and polar bears do NOT live together outside of tasteless Christmas decorations by people who are ignorant of geography!

No offense to a past blogger who once sent me this Christmas card…

What is a cherished or unusual (either or both) family tradition from your childhood?

I feel kind of bad that I’ve unintentionally introduced this question that’s now been asked three different ways!  And I’ve more than used up the times I’m allotted to talk about gifts inside of tampon boxes.  But unfortunately, I can’t think of anything else, so…..


You’re walking down the street, feeling great — what holiday song would be playing in the background?

Tetris Music 1 from the official NES release!  Accept no other background music while stacking tetrads…

 Feel Free To Share Anything That You’d Like Today!   Wish Someone A Happy Holiday!

Bah humbug!!!


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17 Responses to Share Your World – Week 155

  1. tetris muzak is great…and much better than last christmas…

  2. So that’s where dental implants come from! Always wondered………


  3. franhunne4u says:

    Tetris music? “Dance of the sugar plum fairies” is a very from Tchaikowsky’s nutcracker suite.

  4. Dreaming of a white Christmas…sorry. Right, the penguins don’t live here in the Arctic, wrong, Santa lives in here Finland, reindeers can’t live at the pole, too cold.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Oops. I have read, I just forgot to babble on mindlessly in your comment section. Thanks, Bill (aka E.S.) for Sharing Your World! The Tampax gift box is now enshrined in the “Evil Squirrel SYW Archives” as an icon of the ‘perfect gift (box) not to give away). LOL Has Pax been getting into Fuzzywig’s stash? Maybe that’s why he’s so eternally cheerful — well that and that’s how they made his mold (it was no doubt broken afterward so he would remain unique). I’m sorry you dislike Christmas penguins, that little guy is darned cute you ask me. (which you didn’t, but I thought I’d put it out there). I happen to love penguins, and like the ‘fact’ (I know it is a fact ((apparently)) that Christ was born in April, not December; I tend to overlook glaring errors in the Christmas frenzy of (mechanized) JOY! 😉 Have a very Merry whatever you celebrate Squirrel! I’m looking forward to the BIG GUY asking his New Year’s question too! Woo Hoo! 🎅🏻 (He’s the GOOD Santa to negate “Bad” Santa on the Shelf…Hey! At least he’s not an ELF on the Shelf ((shudder gag))…

    • I’ve always heard that it’s widely speculated that Jesus was born in the Spring (not to mention about 4-6 years before the start of AD), but never a certain month. And I do have an Elf on the Shelf in the Shelf troupe! but he just plays Santa’s flunky along with the comic relief squirreldeer with the bingo cap…

  6. Regardless of where they come from, you have a problem with penguin ornaments?? But like squirrel hoodlums/hooligans? Will wonders never cease to amaze me.

  7. noelleg44 says:

    Lest favorite side dish: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Zac is a great addition..

  8. draliman says:

    Arctic/Antarctic be damned, how dare you dislike that cute little penguin…

  9. Kismet says:

    Tetris music is much better than the usual random noise!

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