Boom Boom Redux

Last night I’m backing out of the driveway to head for work, and I notice my mailbox lid is open and bulging.  Damn, with how out of sorts I was yesterday, I had forgotten to check the mail!  Since it was supposed to rain overnight, I stopped to gather the mail up and take it inside.  What puzzled me was the package that was making the lid stay up… who had sent me something?  The little mailer was pretty tightly taped up, and since I was starting to run late for work, I just chucked it on the kitchen counter and left this mystery to be solved for the next morning….

So what did it turn out to be?  Why, another set of Boom-O cards!

“Who in the heck did that?” I wondered….

The culprit! She just has GUILTY written all over her face!

That’s Filly from my message board, and the portrait I graced her with four years ago.  She occasionally comments on my blog, and apparently is a loyal follower since she saw my Boom-O post and ordered the cards the same day!  Now as for why she did it….. well, I’m just dying to know!  Maybe she thought I was only reminiscing, or just wanted me to have a spare deck.  Regardless, I’m touched by the thought and thank her kind little horsie heart for thinking of me like that!

Funny thing was that I had brought the deck I had bought to work last night to give to one of the girls who was in on the games 11 years ago for safekeeping…. otherwise, I’d have certainly taken a picture of both decks together!

Damn, I just realized there’s a s******l in that portrait.  Oh well….. 🙂


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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5 Responses to Boom Boom Redux

  1. Kay says:

    As Cindy would say, “yay, yay, yay, yay”. You have some great friends!

    • Dearest Kiki, now you know Cindy would say YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

      I must have so many great friends because of the way I treat them! 🙂

      • Kay says:

        Glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that last sentence. I was in a hurry and couldn’t remember the exact typing of YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! but I did the best I could. I was, after all, trying to make you feel better.

  2. hellofilly says:

    Ha! (Channeling another Fan) Lately many of the things I enjoy in life are being discontinued, so I really felt connected to the blog the other day about the game. To solve the problem of my own favorite things that are being discontinued, I’ve started buying up a little stockpile before they are gone. I didn’t want you to run into another situation where you didn’t have another deck!
    Also, many of the things I enjoy I can only buy from places we used to live. Common conversation in my house goes like this, “YAY, the mail’s here and mom ordered more breadsticks from Italy” or “It’s Hatch green chile time, so I put in an order for 50 lbs of chile from Bountiful Baskets” I think I’m a creature of habit and I like to keep doing the things the same way.
    The final, and most important reason for the cards is that I never got to properly thank ES for his gracious portrait he did for me! Imagine MY surprise when it showed up in MY mail several years ago. Sorry buddy, YOU have the bigger heart here. Thank you!


  3. Christie1111 says:

    I don’t often know about these things ahead of time, but this one I knew. But because of it, I now have this particular game show up almost EVERY time I play a round of Words with Friends with my daughter.

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