Share Your World – Week 179

It’s gonna be a photo finish…

A horse is a horse, of course, of course…. but it was on June 9, 1973 that a three year old equine by the name of Secretariat ensured his legacy as the most famous horse of his generation.  Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes and American horse racing’s Triple Crown on that day by a mere 31 lengths… which is about eight times as many horses as what even bothered to even compete against the “tremendous machine” in that race.  Secretariat’s time in the Belmont is still the record for the fastest ever on a mile and a half track.  For being such a good horsie, Secretariat got to spend his last 15 years living the dream on a stud farm rather than end up in a bag of Puppy Chow…

Or shoveled off to the glue factory…

Now it’s time to stop horsing around and start clowning around with Melanie’s Share Your World questions for this week!

Like, could you totally give Mitzi directions to that studly wudly farm?

When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?

I think I’ve already established I was never a sandwich person.  And if I was, I certainly wouldn’t have peeled off the crusts.  When I used to make toast (in bulk… I’d “toast myself to death” as my Mom called it), I’d always make sure to get the heels that everyone else threw away…

Yummy! That’s what I call it…

Are you a fan of musicals—why or why not?

Not that I’m much on watching theater, but on their own I guess they’re alright.  What really irritates me is when they pop up in places where musicals don’t belong.  The very first Three Stooges short was a musical, and it was awful.  Oh, and two words…… “Cop Rock.”

Shelf Critter Theatre musicals…. what was I thinking!?!?

Is it difficult to do what you do? (for a living, hobby etc.).

No, it’s not really difficult…. but like with any other task that may seem menial, it takes a lot of time and willingness to learn to master.  And of course, a heaping helping of actually caring about the task at hand, which is so missing from so many people’s repertoires these days…

Whoever stocked this shelf was a genius!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

It’s no secret that I’m a music fan, given that this week marks 8 years now that I’ve been featuring a new earworm for all of my delightful readers every Monday.  What may shock you all if that I’ve never spent a single dime on music before.  Never bought a record, or a cassette, or a CD, or even downloaded music off Napster.  I’ve also never bought a concert ticket in my life…

But I have been to a concert before… back in the Spring of 1984 when I was 8 going on 9.  Who is the only famous musician who ever had the honor of playing for Evil Squirrel?

He looks honored…

That is the one and only country/folk/soft rock legend of the 70’s and 80’s Dan Fogelberg.  In early 1984, Fogelberg released the first single from his upcoming album Windows and Walls, called “The Language of Love.”  I remember liking the song at the time.  Fogelberg’s Tour of America in support of that album came to St. Louis on April 25th of that year, and my Mom won two tickets off the radio.  My Dad had to work, and with nobody else to go with her, I volunteered to go along.  I remember my Mom being worried that we both only knew the guy for that one new song… but in listening to the radio ads, found out he’d done a lot of other songs we remembered from the AM radio days, including still-favorites like “Leader of the Band” and “Heart Hotels.”  The only two things I remember about that concert are Dan saying it was “good to be back in St. Louis” at the start of the show (Way to butter up the crowd there), and my Mom getting lost and going the wrong way on a one way street on the way home…

So Fogelberg is the answer to this question by default.  And how have I never DVA’ed a song by this man yet?  I must change that in the near future….

No, I’m NOT playing any of that shit on MY turntable!

Looking back over your life, what is one thing you’re grateful for?  One thing you really regret?

I am grateful I was able to make so many people laugh and look forward to my weekly comic strips for over five years.  I regret that it’s time eventually had to come to an end…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Share Your World – Week 179

  1. Well I miss your ‘toons – I always enjoyed looking closely at them for all the “subtle” touches. Glad someone else likes the heels of the bread loaf – they are the BEST – they make a more “solid” sandwich for one thing but when toasted they’re extra toasty unlike the rest of the bread loaf. Gourmets appreciate those heels….yeah…..!


    • I love the heels as toast because of how solid they are. I’m one of those weirdos (and I know I’m not the only one) who smashes the middle of the bread in to get that hard center during the toasting process. Yummy!

  2. you can do 10 items at express lane? .. we only 3…. europe sucks… I was with my mom at Helge Schneider (don’t google this guy please) … it was outside and it rained, so it was fitting to my mood… but then!!!! he came down a wet meadow,slipped and tobogganed on his butt the whole meadow down… wow!! how great!!!

    • Ha! You knew I was going to have to Google that. What an interesting character, and a song about kitty litter should be epic! Stores tend to pick whatever limit they want for express lanes, then refuse to enforce them anyway. At Mecca it was always 20 items, but then the self checkouts replaced the express lanes…. so now if they aren’t open, you get to wait behind long lines of people with 8700 items in their carts.

  3. If this is the only concert you ever attended, you did well. Although born in Peoria, IL, Fogelberg was considered a Coloradoan, living and recording in the state. His clear voice and ballad harmonies made people swoon and the album Twin Sons of Different Mothers was genius. It along with Phoenix and loads of his older stuff were played nonstop over my hardware store’s speaker system when I lived in the San Luis Valley. Those were the days. Hope you’ll find something for a Monday whirl on the Dusty Archives.

  4. noelleg44 says:

    I think Secretariat is the most famous horse of all time! And with regard to bread, the heels are my favorite part!

  5. Thanks Bill for Sharing Your World! I’m tablet bound so no lengthy response, but I will compliment you effusive by on your great answers! And the toons are my special treat for when the week winds down! Have a splendid one!

  6. I watched Secretariat race. It was a miracle seeing him. It was exactly like the race The Black ran in Walter Farley’s first Black Stallion book. It could have come right out of those pages.

    You know, I realize you created that cartoon years ago but it could have been yesterday. Talk about times NOT changing!

    • It actually does still feel like yesterday, because I remember the inspiration for that comic right down to the one item I purchased that got me a foot long receipt…

  7. draliman says:

    Mmm, crusts nom nom nom.

  8. Ally Bean says:

    I’d like to chime in on the question about eating crusts on your bread. I was told as a girl that if I ate mine, which I was less than inclined to do, that I’d have curly hair. Apparently I ate enough of them because my hair is curly/frizzy. Just thought you should know this. Happy Weekend!

    • Hmmmmm… my hair is pretty straight despite the voluminous amount of bread crusts I’ve eaten, particularly those heels which are half crust. Of course, I was told a lot of different foods I didn’t like would “put hair on my chest,” and despite the fact that I refused to eat most of them, I’ve…. well, let’s just say they have to get out the razor for EKG’s.

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