Share Your World – Week 189

That “oh shit!” moment when you realize you put the wrong gas in the tank…

It was during a solar eclipse in India on August 18, 1868 that astronomer Pierre Janssen noted an unusual line in the spectrum of the sun that didn’t correspond to any known element.  Janssen didn’t realize it at the time, but he’d become the first person to discover helium.  You’d think the element that occupies the Vice President slot on the periodic table would have been known about long before the 19th century, but despite being the second most abundant element in the universe, helium is actually quite rare on earth.  Most terrestrial helium is generated by natural nuclear decay of heavy metals, and is often concentrated in natural gas… which is where most commercial helium is obtained, and why those rumors you hear are true that helium is just another on the long list of finite resources we should be conserving.

Helium conservation would also make our holiday season more enjoyable bearable.

And now, I’ll quit sucking on the helium and go back to huffing leaded gasoline so I can be on the ball for this week’s Share Your World questions!  Di from Pensitivity is once again filling in for a recuperating Melanie

Warning: This post is full of hot air.

Do you prefer to live in a single story property like a bungalow, a high rise apartment, or a house?

I grew up in a two story house and have now spent 13 years in a single story home.  At least it wasn’t reversed, because my knees could do the stairs so much better when I was a kid.  Every room on the same floor is perfect for just me and a cat…

Though I guess I’ll never get to ride in a chair lift now…

If you won a large amount of money on the lottery, would you want publicity or keep things quiet and low key?

You may as well walk into a seedy bar in the bad part of town and loudly announce to everyone you just inherited your uncle priceless art collection.  While some people might do it out of foolishness, nobody in their right mind would want their coming into a great fortune to be known to every person who is now your long lost friend that really needs money….

And if we can keep it a secret from the government, even better….

How do you like your eggs?

Only in fried chicken batter and baked goods.  And sometimes not even the latter.  There is an infamous story in my family of the time my Mom (who wasn’t the next Julia Child) made brownies, but neglected to beat the eggs properly in the batter.  So when me, my Dad and sisters began eating the brownies, and it suddenly started smelling like…… well, rotten eggs…… yes, there were chunks of cooked eggs yolk embedded in the brownies.  That was at least 20 years ago, and we still haven’t let Mom live that one down….

Mom just used the wrong “ingredient” in the brownies.

If cars were no longer available, what would be your choice of transport?

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t already ride unicorns.

Our aim is to make at least one person smile every day.

I used to have that goal every Thursday….


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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 189

  1. we had the same thought avout riding unicorns… the exhaust would be colorful ;O)

  2. Heh, heh…that WAS a good Thursday smile.

  3. Thanks for playing along. Yes, Mums can do some amazing things in the kitchen……… mine used a plastic egg cup to keep her pastry up on a pie, put salt in the lemon meringue and sugar in the veg water, and forgot to remove the bag of giblets the first time she cooked a chicken.

    • I got my taste for burnt food from my Mom’s cooking! I’ll eat things that are way too well done for most other people. The bonus of my Mom being a terrible cook is we got to eat out a lot…. even if it was usually just McDonald’s!

  4. Kismet says:


  5. HAHA on the Brownie error…..heck, I used to add special ingredients to my brownies when I made them but it was NOT cooked egg yolks. Thanks for the ‘toon – I bet my special brownie ingredient would be better on that chileh than insecticide!


  6. draliman says:

    Mitzi’s always up for a ride…

  7. Trisha says:

    I’ve made that mistake with brownies before! Luckily, there was no rotten egg smell, just some extra chewy, rubbery streaks.

    I like your idea for future transportation! But are their farts carbon-free? If not, they’d better stay in hiding or they’ll be banned!

  8. It’s good knowing I’m not the ONLY one whose mother was a terrible cook. Everyone seems to praise mom’s cooking as if it came from heaven. I felt lucky if I could gag is down. But she was a great mom otherwise. Just not in the kitchen.

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