Enemy Sighted

Is it safe yet?

While many of you were justifiably overwhelmed with awww by last week’s supercute Saturday Squirrel, before I stopped taking pictures of him, he wound retreating high up into the tree.  When squirrels sense danger, they often bark out a warning to others nearby, which you’ve almost certainly heard before… maybe not knowing exactly what that sound is.  Well, this squirrel started barking his head off like our old pal Fleabag… so something had to be bothering him.  Was it me?  My “threatening” human presence (and probably ugly looks) have scared off many a squirrel over the years.

But that wasn’t the case this time….

Mmmmmm, something smells like sliced rodent around here!


Well, I guess that would be a good enough reason for our sciurine hero to be trying to cover his tail.  That sweet, innocent feline face would love nothing more than to turn our fuzzy friend into squirrel jerky.  Don’t deny it, kitty, I know you were thinking of sneaking in a meal that didn’t come in a tin can…

I better get out of here before PETA shows up. I wonder whose side they’d take?

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Enemy Sighted

  1. We hear the squirrels in the woods barking OFTEN to warn each other – lots of hawks overhead and swooping down……they raid nests all the time in season and squirrels try to keep each others’ families (and themselves) safe. Sadly does not always work. That is a very pretty and healthy looking cat – new in the neighborhood? Does he or she know about the available snack bar at the Evil Squirrel’s Cafe?????


    • That’s the first time I’ve seen that particular cat. At first, I thought it was the cat I called Asshole, who used to bully Gypsy for her food back in the day. But looking back at my photos of him, he was a dark gray tabby. I’d assume he or she is an indoor/outdoor cat… and they’d be welcome to a meal anytime they show up at The Nest…. as long as they don’t eat the squirrels!

  2. Rivergirl says:

    These pics make me miss our cats. Used to love to watch them stalk…

  3. What a pretty cat! They really are dangerous for squirrels, I have seen what they are capable to do.
    Have a great weekend too.

    • We had an outdoor cat when I was a kid who was an expert hunter. If I were the critter lover then that I am now, I’d have been horrified…. but back then, I thought what she did was cool.

  4. Cats are very devious when it comes to……well anything. The cats cute, but I’m glad our little friend stayed out of sight. 🐿

  5. Cute kitty, but glad she get a snack. 🙂

  6. Can’t deny, I was kind of rooting for the kitty. To up the squirrels cardio! What kind of monster do you take me for? 🐿

  7. mydangblog says:

    We have a couple of neighbourhood cats that roam our property but they look too well-fed and the squirrels are too fast for any trouble, luckily!

  8. Trisha says:

    What a pretty kitty! I’m glad your Saturday Squirrel had the sense to get away and bark from a safe distance. The squirrels here, both the gray and the little Douglas squirrels, and our backyard bunny visitors don’t always have the sense to run when we let the dogs out. I frequently yell things like, “run, you idiot, run!” I’ve seen the bloodbath that occurred when Gary got a hold of a rat. It was pretty gory!

    • That would never be a problem here… my squirrels are too scared. Even moreso now than a few years ago when I was taking a lot of pictures out of my window. This generation isn’t as used to me as the previous one was…

  9. Awwwwww what a cute squirrel. Awwwww what a beautiful kitty. The squirrel is exceptionally sweet. My big squirrel sits in the trees with his front paws crossed and watches me. I’m sure it is wondering why I’m home so much. I don’t see squirrels in my front yard since my tiny cat gutted one last year. Yikes, it was like something out of one of those slasher horror movies. Watch those kitties Mr. Squirrel.

    • The squirrels around here are more likely to be done in by the electrical transformer in my backyard (Which has five notches on its belt since I’ve lived here) than the local kitties. I have a picture of Gypsy with a scared looking squirrel in the background… and she was completely ignoring him.

  10. draliman says:

    A chase around the treetops between a squirrel and a cat must be something to see. I bet cats only catch squirrels when they catch them unawares.

    • They’re masters of stealth. Mine keep the mice out of my home, and I’d imagine they’re as hard to catch as a squirrel since they can duck into razor thin hiding spots…

  11. Ally Bean says:

    Squirrels bark loudly and often around here, but I’ve yet to see a cute cat that starts the barking.

    • There’s usually something, and when I hear the barking I always look around to see what the trouble was. On my last park trip, the commotion wound up being for a huge hawk that was circling ominously overhead…

  12. noelleg44 says:

    You should see my cat Garfield scratching at the window when the squirrel is right outside!

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