Share Your World – Week 208

Hats off to the old year!

It was on December 29, 1936 that one of American television’s biggest stars was born, one Mary Tyler Moore.  After getting her start dancing on top of washing machines in an elf costume as Happy Hotpoint in late 50’s commercials for The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Moore would co-star with Dick Van Dyke in his titular show of the 60’s.  That set the stage for stardom in the 70’s where she played TV news producer Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  A single, female working professional starring in her own show was quite a thing fifty years ago…. but even putting its cultural significance aside, it was a damn good show, and one I enjoyed watching reruns of on Nick at Nite in the 90’s.  The show had spunk!

I love spunk!

One of my favorite bits of trivia I only learned of recently, and which is unconfirmed but would be really cool if it was true, is that a very early career MTM is believed to be one of two dancers who appear as background extras in the Three Stooges short “Sappy Bull Fighters,” which was the last new Stooges live action short ever released in 1959.  Though neither actress was credited, is convinced enough to credit her in the short’s cast.  Who’d have ever dreamed of Mary Tyler Moore and the Stooges ever working together?

The Stooges and Ted Baxter, maybe….

And now with the first year of my seven year This Day in History project in the books, let’s get on with feature presentation I’ve attached the series to, Share Your World!  Questions, as always, by Di

Love is all around…

If you have been given a variety of gifts, do you have a clear out of older stuff to make room for it?

Lucky for me, I haven’t been given a variety of gifts.  But if I had, it would probably just pile up on top of all of the other variety of gifts I’ve gotten over the years…. many unused.

Imagine piles and piles of tampon boxes…. which would only make sense if you know the story behind it.

Do you overindulge with food for special occasions and then come to regret it with either weight gain, guilt or severe indigestion?

If by “special occasions” you mean “every day,” then yes, I do on all counts….


What is your favorite part for any celebration?

The quiet part that comes when the celebration is over.  Better to just stay away from things like that….

Or when all of the guests die from alcohol poisoning…

Are you looking forward to getting bargains in the January Sales?

I work in the wrong sector of retail for this.  The only bargains are all of the Christmas stuff that didn’t sell, and if you wait until January, it will all be gone.  I did snatch up a few bags of 50% off red and green M&M’s so that I can continue the tradition outlined in question two…

I have to buy my own candy since I don’t have a sugar daddy like Tina does…

Gratitude: Every day is a gift and a chance to make memories.

So true….


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5 Responses to Share Your World – Week 208

  1. Thanks for joining in ES and sharing your world. See you in the New Year!

  2. draliman says:

    My stockpile of Gaviscon is rapidly being depleted thanks to all the Christmas junk food and chocolate…

  3. noelleg44 says:

    The MTM show was a happy place!

  4. Gosh, 50 years? Incredible. What a delightful, full of spunk well done series. We could use more of them these days instead of the drivel of reality shows that are anything but. And where’s a Ted Baxter character when you need one?

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