This post will ensure The Nest is well on its way to achieving blandness!

Need a little more excitement at the start of another boring week?  Then let The Nest spice up your Monday with another lost hit that couldn’t stand out from the crowd!  It’s time to dig through all those identical looking vinyl discs and find a real special snowflake that deserves to sparkle again from that endless hall of generic looking items we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  Nobody will ever accuse DJ Scratchy of being a plain Jane, not with her ripped fishnets and blue hair.  While the Sponkies are busy being numbers by taking their standardized tests.  This song’s gonna be just like every other DVA you’ve ever heard….

If ever there was a rocker who marched to the beat of his own drum, it would be Kansas-born guitarist Joe Walsh.  Walsh has been in and out of more bands in his life than Eric Clapton and Sammy Hagar combined, while also finding time to release a litany of solo albums during the breaks.  Walsh’s talents were first heard on a national stage in 1970 with the release of James Gang’s criminally underrated “Funk 49,” which you should really listen to if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Totally funky, man!

Walsh also had a couple of solo hits in the early 70’s with “Rocky Mountain Way” and ‘Life’s Been Good,” the latter of which is a textbook example of Walsh’s gift of lyrical wit and satire.  Walsh landed in The Eagles for the latter half of the 70’s where he had to tone his act down to keep his place in the band.  Lucky for him, the Eagles broke up for good in the early 80’s (Yeah, right) so he could go back to solo work….

And that brings us to this week’s featured DVA hit, where Walsh very unironically professes to be just one of the masses…

“Ordinary Average Guy” came from the album of the same title in 1991, and was a Mainstream Rock chart success, if not even sniffing the Hot 100.  The song is certainly weird sounding, though it’s not quite so odd if you’re familiar with Joe’s earlier hit “Life’s Been Good,” which this “Ordinary” song seems to draw a lot of inspiration from.  The lyrics may seem ordinary and average, but let me tell you…. you won’t find a better song that references picking up dog shit!

Hard or not, I’m still rubbing your nose in this!

Come back next Monday for another ordinary average edition of the Dusty Vinyl Archive…


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11 Responses to Meh

  1. yes. and I love his face… it was like mine as I picked up mail (tax? oh da shit!!!) :P)))

  2. Joe Walsh is a bona fide legend herein Colorado (as well as many other places around). His influence with so many groups is astonishing. Thanks for sharing a little heard tune of his today. Happy Monday.

  3. Willow Croft says:

    Meh is a good word for today! I just tried to apply to the local…Mecca?…and it glitched about ten times until I couldn’t even go on with the application. So, that’s that. Ha!

    • I have people ask me all the time about our application process, and I tell them I go back to the good old days of paper apps! I never went through that computerized rigamarole. Janaury’s traditionally a slow or dead time for hiring coming out of Christmas…

  4. I know a lot of his music but not that one……I like it. I listened for the dog doo reference (you knew we would right?) AND loved the bowling alley sound effects and visuals. I’ll give it an 8! I have to say I don’t think I’ve EVER met an ordinary average guy before. LOL


    • Now I know that if I say there’s a dog doo reference in every song I post, people will listen to the songs all the way through just to listen for it! If you ever did meet an ordinary average guy, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in dog poop anymore…

  5. Juliette says:

    Wow, I haven’t heard that one for a while. Somehow, even with the dog poop, Joe Walsh never struck me as ordinary or average. A guy, yes, but…

  6. draliman says:

    That was quite fun and catchy! It’s an all-too-rare thumbs up from me…

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