Life’s A Bitch

dog peeing on snow

Wow!  What in the heck inspired this latest design I added to my shop last night?
An ongoing thread of death on my message board and a little help from the wacked mind of Beebs, that’s what.

squirrel on heart shaped bed

Bow before my superior wackedness, you peons!

If you haven’t noticed, Penn State University’s gotten a lot of bad press lately over the Jerry Sandusky case, and the University’s alleged non-action in dealing with reports of what Sandusky was doing years before it ever came out.  On one side, you have those who think the college and in particular its football program need to pay a steep price for this since it was the culture of putting the football program above everything else that helped keep Sandusky in a position to continue raping young boys at PSU.  On the other side, you have those who believe that it is completely unfair to punish the kids already committed to playing at Penn State this year and in future years, as well as the community around the campus who rely on the success of the team to drive the local economy.

Now, as someone who has never liked the big time nature of college sports (in some cases, even bigger than professional sports), I’d be more than happy to see the NCAA throw the book at Penn State.  What other way to convince schools that they need to put a little humanity into their decisions regarding their school’s teams?  And only the NCAA has the power to do this.  But my opinion aside, there’s a bigger issue here that drives me crazy when I hear the arguments on the pro-PSU side….


Since when was life ever fair?

Seriously, stuff like this happens all the time, and the people it effects just have to deal with it.  Stop and think about how many things in your everyday life are inconvenient, bothersome, and make life suck… and are the direct or indirect result of someone else’s actions you had no control over.

we need water!

Like how it’s Al Gore’s fault we’re shaking and baking in the Midwest this year.

And so that gets us back to the new design of a non-anthro Skanki squatting to do her business on the virgin snow.  Me and Beebs got to talking about the PSU thread in chat last night, and we both agreed that it was pathetic to hear people complain about how unfair things are to them or other people.  Beebs popped up one of our favorite terms we like to use on the board, “Special snowflakes” who think they should be immune from other people’s troubles, and the muse got a-rolling in my head.

Life sucks —-> everyone gets peed on —-> special snowflakes —-> yellow snow —-> we ALL have to deal with it, so suck it up!

The only question was how I could practically present it in T-shirt design form, and after playing around with some ideas finally came up with what you see leading off this post.  The clever connection of life’s a bitch and using Skanki as the urinator didn’t even occur to me until afterwards!

So remember folks, when life deals you urine, make lemonade!

lemonade stand hottie sprots

I’m not thirsty, thanks.


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