Peter Pumpkintail


That’s the fuzziest pumpkin stem I’ve ever seen!

The day after Halloween, my squirrel o’lantern was banished to the backyard in front of the oak tree, where it sqturday squirrel logocould rot and decompose in peace.  I did this with last year’s discarded pumpkin as well, hoping it would attract the squirrels for my camera, but without any seeds or guts left in it, they treated it more like an obstacle on their front porch.

Well, yesterday I was about to take a nap when I looked out my bedroom window and saw exactly what you see in the picture above.  It looked like something you’d see in a surreal art piece… a squirrel tail coming out of the stem of my pumpkin!!!  It was like my squirrel o’lantern went all Daniel Boone and decided to go out and buy a squirrelskin cap!

Of course, it was nothing of the sort…. it was just an illusion based on how I was viewing this rather comical scene.  I rushed to my computer room window on the other side of the house and got this shot to show what was really going on here…


Squirrels can balance themselves on literally anything!

I have no idea what this little guy was gnawing on, but he apparently decided the perfect place to perch and enjoy his treat was on top of the pumpkin stem!  This picture is yet another testimonial to the almost otherworldly sense of balance squirrels instinctively have…. not to mention the great camouflage their tails can provide in hiding their entire bodies.  For his dedication to showing off the amazing awesomesauceness of his sciurine species, as well as posing for one of the best squirrel pictures I have had a chance to take, it is my pleasure to honor this pumpkin perching cutie as this week’s Saturday Squirrel!

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Peter Pumpkintail

  1. youngatfifty says:

    Wow !! Wish I could give this picture 10….000 likes 🙂 You are so lucky and quick to grab your camera and click these slippery guys before they disappeared. Great work with a matching narration 🙂

    • I was great timing and wonderful luck that he didn’t move during the time it took to see him, run and grab my camera, and take both pictures! I’ve lost a lot of great photo ops because the squirrel will move along before I can capture him…

  2. merbear74 says:

    Wow. It is almost like he knew you were taking his pic. That is awesome.

  3. gentlestitches says:

    Wow!!! What a great shot!

  4. What an interesting optical illusion you have brought to your blog with those pictures. Perhaps they could replace the Rorshack test in psychologists’ offices.

  5. C.K. Hope says:

    What an awesome squirrel for letting you get such a cool shot!

  6. PigLove says:

    OMP (oh my pig) That second picture was kind of all Stephen King like. It looked like the squirrel had long legs and was preparing to invade into your palace. There’s a story in that somewhere – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  7. reocochran says:

    I definitely loved this photograph! Both shots were great, but always will love nature shots. That pumpkin was a great place to sit on for the squirrel!

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